Best Marble Floor Cleaner Company in Delhi NCR

Cleaning hacks with Best Marble Floor Cleaner:

Best Marble Floor CleanerMarble, a natural stone from limestone family is a non-foliated metamorphic rock sedimented for million years. It is versatile, porous, soft and magnificent stone. It brings a sophisticated and bold look to your property and along with it adds value to it. With the passage of time, it starts to lose its look and feel. You need to take extra care of it and for that, you need to concern the professionals. Most of the floor care professionals recommend using Best Marble Floor Cleaner for healthy marble flooring. Proper usage of floor polisher after the floor is deep cleaned, leads to a shiny home.

Fight Marble Floors Stains with Best Floor Cleaner:

You can easily find stains on the natural stones because they comprise of minute pores. If the surface is left unsealed, it can easily absorb liquids, which can leave hard stains. Various liquid spills on the surface can leave hard to remove stains including water. So, it’s better to wipe up the liquid spill and instantly clean the floor before it turns to the stain. Floor cleaners are considered as best treatments for your marble floor care.  Marble tile cleaners, specially designed for handling stains of natural stains are the gentle method of removing hard stains. This blog constitutes certain remedies and related treatments to wipe off the stains from the surface of marble floors.

Remedy 1: Baking Soda as Best Marble Floor Cleaner

  • Initially, form a paste of water and baking soda whose consistency matches the sour cream. This paste acts as a floor cleaner
  • Now absorb the hard stain to lift maximum substance as possible.
  • In addition, spray water over the marble surface.
  • Further, apply a good quantity of paste (water and baking soda) on it and then cover it using the plastic wrap.
  • Leave the paste onto the surface for 24 hours.
  • Baking soda will pull up the hard stains from the upper marble surface.
  • After 24 hours, remove the home-made floor cleaner and wash the segment suing gentle soapy water.
  • Without a doubt, you can again apply the fresh paste again on the surface if needed.

Remedy 2: unbleached flour as Floor Cleaner

  • Properly mix together 1 cup unbleached flour, water, and 3 TBS liquid mild dishwashing soap.

TIPS: Avoid the use of bleach and use only a gentle liquid soap is needed.

  • Make a thick paste-like sour cream in terms of consistency.
  • Now spread this freshly paste on the floor stain in a thick layer.
  • Cover it using plastic wrap and allow it to sit for 24 hours.
  • Wash off the settled marble floor cleaner from the floor area with soapy water.
  • If stain is still present, then definitely go for application of second coat of the paste.
  • For achieving ultimate result repeat the complete procedure.

Remedy 3: Rubbing Alcohol as Floor Cleaner

  • Take 1/8 cup of rubbing alcohol and pour it in a 16 oz. spray bottle.
  • Following this, add drops of mild liquid dishwashing detergent/ shampoo.
  • Then, fill the spray bottle with clean water.
  • Furthermore, shake well the floor cleaner liquid before application.
  • Spray this mixture on the hard stain and then finally wash it.

floor cleaner

Remedy 4: Hydrogen Peroxide as Floor Cleaner

  • Fold the cotton gauze piece to accordingly to the stain size.
  • Next, soak it with hydrogen peroxide and then completely squeeze out excess.
  • It must not drip wet.
  • Apply this cotton gauze on the hard-stained segment and further cover up with a plastic wrap.
  • Paste tape on all marble floor edges of plastic wrap to completely seal the cotton gauze.
  • Place the object over it to put some opposite pressure and weight over the stained area.
  • Leave the object for 24 hours, then further check it.
  • Lastly if required, reapply.

Caution: it might fade the color bit. So, be very careful while using it over the dark marble. Always prefer to test it on a small segment before applying it on the complete stain.

Remedy 5: Corn Starch as Floor Cleaner

  • Lightly spray the distilled water over the stain.
  • Next, sprinkle a thick corn starch layer. Leave the layer for 24hours.
  • After, remove it and further reapply if required.
  • For a greasy stain, sprinkle corn starch immediately on it and permit it to settle for about 15 minutes.
  • Then further wash it using mild soapy water.
  • Finally, corn starch will fully lift effortlessly the stain.

Recommended and best Marble Floor Cleaners:

It’s essential for the marble floors to look tidy, elegant and amazing. So above all, regular floor cleaning and its maintenance are very needed for this purpose. When discussing floor cleaners for marbles, always try to avoid harsh acidic cleaners like lemons, vinegar, ammonia, and bleaches, etc, which will destroy the marble flooring. These acidic floor cleaners are too harsh, therefore avoid its usage. They will corrode the marble surface and gradually it will lose its shine. Not just this, as a result, it will strip the sealer and lastly, it will etch the high gloss finished marble.

In brief, it is crucial to use the floor cleaner which is pH neutral. Clean the marble surface with a highly diluted mixture of water and pH neutral products or a diluted solution of mild dish-washing soap and clean water. You can use baking soda, windex, mild dish-washing soaps, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, etc. All the pH neutral floor cleaners can be easily used to clean and maintain marble floors.

Easy Way to Use Marble Floor Cleaner:

This natural stone has been used properly to form amazing floors for years. Its sophistication and beauty make it demanded type even today. However, like other natural stones, it even needs to be regularly cleaned to prevent deterioration and staining. If the marble floor turns old and dirty then below is easy to follow cleaning methods and bring back its lost shine again:best floor cleaner

  • Initially, dry mop the complete floor to flush off the dust and dirt.
  • Now prepare the solution by mixing 3 tbs of baking soda and a quality quantity of dish-washing soap with 1 quarter of lukewarm water.
  • Lastly, mix the solution well. Commercial floor cleaner is also a better alternate for this floor cleaning purpose.

After you are done with marble floor cleaning be sure to check if stains are present still. To know more DIY hacks for floor care, and usage of all cleaning products. These steps will help you to tackle the harsh stains of Marble floor.

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

Terrazzo flooring has been preferred around for decades and impressed people with its ultimate appearance. Mansions, castles and amazing architecture across the globe have used marbles in different ways but when it came to setting style on the floor they preferred terrazzo flooring. Such flooring adds elegance and style to your infrastructure which itself amazing. Terrazzo pattern is very common across a various section of the home like flooring, countertops and even many prefer the pattern for walls. These days, getting terrazzo flooring has turned into fashion and people choose it as the best method of home styling. For maintaining its shine, it needs proper care like polishing, restoring and repairing. Terrazzo floor needs few effective techniques to keep them from any kind of scratches, stains or any damage caused to its appearance. This floor care practice keeps the shiny finish of the floor.

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

Over a period of time, excess usage of marble flooring leads to loss of the shiny look of the terrazzo flooring like it used to when installed. Not just the foot traffic but even the furniture, electronics, and other item plays an important role in contributing to the scratches caused over the marble surface. Scratches and cracks are something which occurs over the flooring no matter how hard you try to avoid it. In this Manmachine Solution blog, you will get to know what terrazzo flooring is all about and processes used to get back the lost shine of the floor.

Anatomy of Terrazzo Flooring:

Terrazzo is actually a composite material that is poured and properly craved into flooring. It basically comprises of quartz, marble chips, glass, and granite, accurately poured using cementitious binders, polymers or even both. Metal strips are often used for dividing the sections or creating different patterns. There are architectural designers who even sprinkle chips to add more variations to floorings. Once the terrazzo flooring is installed, it needs to be properly polished so as to remove any sort minor to major scratch marks and unevenness of the flooring caused by the adhesives used while installation process. When it comes to terrazzo flooring anatomy, there are different patterns prevailing in the market. Each type of terrazzo floor constituent requires a different level of care and possess its own unique properties.

Step of Terrazzo floor cleaning for stain removal:

Terrazzo flooring restoration repairs require the usage of diamond floor pads for grinding down the floor surface. It significantly exposes the freshly installed layer of flooring. Then further the terrazzo flooring is polished using a finer and finer grade of the floor polishing pads. At the end of the polishing process, flooring achieves amazing mirror shine finish. You must know the fact that terrazzo floor polishing restores the shine of the floor by stain removing and repairing when properly conducted under typical five steps:

Step 1: Grinding the Floor

This is a dynamic and powerful step which is even known as lippage removal or say flattening. Lippage is actually high edges and deep scratches which can be seen with naked eyes over the terrazzo flooring. Even the newly installed floor can have a bit of the unevenness which needs to be removed so as to attain the best shine. This grinding step will help you to remove all sort of roughness, ledges and bring flatness to the floor. Even this particular floor restoration process can significantly remove the deepest stains and scratches. For effectively conducting this process, you can use the low size or 30 and 50.


  • Terrazzo floor polisher with bit coarse grit grinds floor better and faster.
  • Too high grinding can lead to cracks in the floor so better check out the speed while handling the polisher.
  • Go through the instruction mentioned in the manual for polishing the floor before usage.
  • Wear an insulated gear during wet terrazzo floor cleaning

Terrazzo floor polishing

Step 2: Floor Honing

The step of floor honing for restoration repair brings amazing smoothness to the terrazzo flooring. It easily removes any sort of scratch marks present over the floor. For conducting this process of honing you need to use a diamond floor polishing pads having grit size of 100 to 200. These pads used for industrial purpose easily removes the appearing visible scratches and brings back the lost shine of the floor surface. Apart from the scratches, this process is well suitable for removing the tough stains and provide a uniform and shiny surface. In most of the cases, this process is all you need to treat your floor and gain the spectacular look again.

Step 3: Floor Polishing

Floor polishing process provides a shinning effect on the flooring. This process is mainly carried out by professionals who are good at handling the diamond floor polishing pads of 400, 800 and 1500 grit. For keeping the terrazzo floors in good condition and restore its lost shine, this floor polishing method is enough.

Floor Polishing

Step 4: Floor Buffing

In this respective step, the floor is properly cleaned and polished using more finer diamond polishing grits size of 3000. For availing the finishing in your work of floor restoration, the diamond crystallization process is done. This process is just a chemical reaction and possesses a long-term effect on the durability of the floor. This process is will help you in bringing back the mirror shine of the surface by chemical reaction over the surface of the floor.

Step 5: Sealing the Terrazzo Flooring:

Sealing process is very important so as to maintain the shine of the floor for long gained by the polishing process. This step is important as a proper penetration of floor sealant will help in preventing water absorption. This is the final process which will help in preventing future scratch marks and cracks over the freshly cleaned, polished and restored terrazzo floor. Once every year, you need to apply quality floor sealer so as to have a better outcome and add durability to the floor.

Terrazzo floor cleaning is requiring lots of floor polishing products and pads so as to attain the expected outcome. Equipment and polishing pads need proper care and attention when used for floor restoration. In lots of ways, this process is similar to marble floor crystallization and concrete floor polishing. If your home floor or even business place has faded flooring, do contact ManMachine Solutions at 99-100-33246. Irrespective of the component of your property floor, you need to have proper care and maintenance at regular interval.

Marble Diamond Polishing Service | Manmachine Solutions

Diamond Marble Polishing Service for Healthy Floor:

Despite of regular cleaning and floor maintenance, over a time period you will encounter a layer of dirt and scratches over the marble floor. These marks are nothing but dust and dirt mixed with water coming along with shoe prints and dries on floor. To remove all kind of marks from the marble floor, Manmachine Solutions offers wide range of floor polishing and scrubbing services. These services use marble polish disc machine along with abrasive pads, diamond polishing products of certain pH value and water to clean off dirt from floor. These diamond polishing service are not just restricted to marble floors but can be used over other types of flooring like tiles, granite, mosaic and even wooden flooring.

diamond polishing service
Diamond Polishing Services

Know more about why diamond marble Floor polishing is required:

Marble is a stone which is calcite based that will etch very easily and will turn to dull and spotty surface which is definitely the result of spills. These marks on floors becomes noticeable in high traffic areas like if talking about commercial property then janitorial, lobby, restroom and halls and for residentials kitchen, bathroom and living room are the one. What are these etch marks on floor? These marks are abrasion over the surface which will lead to dull and rough appearance of flooring. Manmachine Solutions can restore the original sheen of the floor using certain restoration methods like floor buffing, scrubbing and polishing. Marble floor polishing is a task which most of the individual avoid to use but after certain period of time it becomes a necessity for them.

If you roam around in market, you will get to encounter several diamond polishing products but not all products are recommended and usable. Foot traffic not just traps sheen of the floor but it may even discolour it. This is the time when you can deliberately feel the need of professional restoration measures including dust-free and wet process called diamond grinding followed by polishing. This process is very useful to fight back against hard stain which can be reason of acute discolouration. Some of them can adversely affect the quality of flooring. Manmachine Solutions not just provide you services related to polishing but even instruct you to maintain your floor healthy for longer time after polishing is done.

More about diamond polishing process:

Diamond polishing is a natural phenomenon of restoring the factory shine of marble by passing diamond abrasives over them. These abrasives are useful only when it is properly combined with diamond polishing products so as to bring out ultimate floor shine. This process mainly starts with using medium grit diamond cuts which removes superficial scratches and minor etching. Often many of the company’s don’t provide this diamond polishing service individually. They add-on this into the nine-stage programme of floor restoration that starts with diamond grinding. Finer grit diamonds are allowed to pass over the floor. The thumb rule followed by companies are “higher the diamond grit used for finishing the process, the deeper and better is the floor shine is achieved.” This method needs substantial time for operating and should be done only through the hands of professionals. The floor polisher used often has the revolution speed of approx. 1000 to 2000 rpm.

Diamond polishing service to go for:

Diamond floor polishing offered is available for freshly laid marble and also caring old floorings. You might be thinking why freshly laid marble then you must know that a freshly laid floor has scratches and lippage which develops during laying process at the construction site. To free your marble flooring from any dullness, professionals use marble polishing machine that have different grit size polishing pads. Diamond polishing pads act just like a magic for restoring the shine of the floor so most of the population prefer to invest money in this.

Benefits of using professional services for floor care:

Regular cleaning will just mop the dirt and grimes from the floor surface but when you hire a professional for caring your floor, you can expect something more than this and its quite obvious. So, benefits of using Manmachine solutions for polishing service are:

Marble Floor Polishing
Floor Polishing Service
  • Repairs chips and cracks.
  • Zero lippage
  • Outer surface is thoroughly cleaned using polishing machine for removing scratches.
  • Restore the lost shine of floor by polishing it using marble polishing pads fit in polishing machine.
  • Trained professionals who care your floor better.
  • Match grouting with stone colour.

Tips for maintaining your Marble Flooring:

This blog provides you certain tips for professionals and you that will help in caring the floor.

  • Always go for soft pads for maintain your floor using single disc machine.
  • For maintaining the glossy look of surface prefer to use crystallizer or polishing powder.
  • When going for cleaning chemicals, then always choose chemical with neutral property for avoiding colour fading of floor.
  • Prefer dry mopping rather than going for wet mopping.
  • Avoid using any brush application. This will reduce the chances of minor scratching.


No matter how old or new is your floor and how hard is the marks over that. Diamond floor polishing is one-word solution for all your floor care needs. This process uses diamond impregnated pads for removing scratches and restoring dullness. Remember that the service provided by floor care company don’t provide services for any sort of cracks and chips, this is just a maintenance process which simply brings back the lost shine of your floor and make your property shine like new.

Marble Crystallization Powder – Manmachine Solutions

What is marble crystallization?

It is a process of marble polishing that improves the surface aspect of the marble floor. This crystallization process comprises of spraying liquid crystallization powder over the marble flooring and carefully buffing it using steel wool properly fitted under the single disc floor machine of standard weight. The machine attached steel wool generates abrasion heat and the products used reacts with marble, creating a fresh compound over the marble. The most usable ingredient of any crystallization products or chemicals are magnesium fluorosilicate, acid and water. This process protects the marble by preserving its colour fading and maintaining the shine of the stone.

The stone surface is altered chemically by applying any crystallizer and trust me there is no way to get back to the unaltered marble condition. The only technique for removing the crystallized layer is floor grinding using diamond polishing products or it is even termed as grit.

marble crystallization powder

What is marble crystallization powder and who uses it?

It is a process of floor surface transformation using chemicals. This process is somewhat similar to conventional marble polishing done at factories. The portable marble machine directly incorporates the diamond polishing compounds on dry and clean surface for producing the renew marble surface. It is used for indoor marble cleaning only and at all level it searches its practical application like in offices, malls, public buildings, private homes and hotels.

Advantages of marble crystallization:

Not even the best polished floor can compete with a crystallized floor surface. We achieve a real mirror appearance with a fascinating aesthetic effect. Dust has nowhere to adhere, maintenance time will be reduced to a minimum.  This unique process of marble renewing uses amazing polishing chemical agents and machines which restores the floor marble to original luster. This method actually polishes the surface of the marble itself and leaves no chemical residue that needs stripping. Nothing is left behind to pale the shine of the marble. The best of availing crystallization is not just cost-effective but is even low in maintenance.


This is the method in which the floor surface is sanded using diamond discs for removing the big stocks of stones. This method is basically recommended when the tiles hold uneven tiles. It is even advised when there is deep scratches and stains on marble.


This is the method in which the stone is smoothen using diamond disc for removing scratches. Remember this process won’t help you in removing any lip pages. However, it rounds up the stone edges giving smooth edges.


The high shine of marble is completely the result of polishing marble using fine abrasives. Many of the marble polisher uses diamond abrasives for stone honing and then further switch down to using powdered abrasive for attaining final polishing.  The abrasive powder is allowed to work in the stone using a floor machine, polyester fibre pads and water. The powder is used in slurry till the shine and polish is obtained. Remove excess of the powder using wet mop and further rinse the floor. It is comparatively easy step but needs good effort and quality hands to complete the task.

marble crystallization powder


This process describes the method of marble polishing and maintaining the marble surface shine. This process consists of fluid spraying onto marble floor and then further buffing it using steel wool adjusted in buffing machine. This method helps in protecting the stone surface and adding shine to the surface.

It is very compulsory to carry out the work only by trained group of professionals having complete command over the working procedure.

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Benefits of Choosing a Professional Housekeeping Services

Professional Housekeeping Services:

Are you thinking of getting a housekeeping services , deep cleaning service? Is it high time for gifting your house a touch of deep clean? Over a time period, any type of dirt and dust settle in the corners and the oddest side of your residence. No matter how strictly you are taking care of your everyday household chores, but still there is a need for intensive and professional housekeeping services .

Hold on! Hire a professional for deep cleaning services:

Don’t try to be your own professional cleaner as again you will end up performing half done so it’s always a clever demand to invest your money in availing deep cleaning services. If you hire someone to be your helping hand in cleaning stuff then there exists a sure solution of your complete house care. Any professional cleaner is more likely to clean your house in professional, swift and thorough process than you could ever think of that level of cleaning.

Housekeeping services

They Have Time for Housekeeping Services:

There are service providers who understand that your time is important and premium. They understand your engagements and rushing between societal norms and responsibilities. They understand that you hardly have enough time for cleaning your primary chores, then how will you manage to enter the segment of deep cleaning. even though if you manage to do that, then for sure, it would be just like a first aid treatment, not a full therapy. This is not something to blame you about as we understand that your routine is tightly packed and even understand that your house needs much more than normal caring. So, by hiring a professional you can avail many services at a constrain price packages that start from carpet cleaning extending to complete floor scrubbing.

They believe in commitments:

Cleaning house is something that not everyone is fond of but is forced to do that as it is the basis of livelihood. Exactly so if you don’t love what you are doing there is always a chance that it will be done incomplete or you will take longer time to wrap up the complete cleaning task. Then here comes the need of getting someone who loves your problems of cleaning. Here generate the needs of hiring a professional housekeeping staff who will handle all your nook and corner cleaning needs with strong commitments.

All the housekeeping staffs work under strong and compact projects and work under deadlines. You can claim on their work if they are providing you complete satisfaction with their work. Your professional cleaners will first schedule your appointment then they will prioritize your cleaning task. You can clean your home easily with just a phone call.

They have tools, experience, and knowledge:

All the professional has built up skills and certain knowledge for cleaning the home efficiently using advanced tools. They hold quality experience in the field of cleaning business. If you want to detail in your house cleaning, it is highly recommended to go for hiring a professional as they will clean and maintain safety of kids and pets.

Instant and Effective Weekly Housekeeping Services

This blog will definitely help you in Housekeeping Services in very small duration of time which will really make huge difference. Its fact, that House is a place that not everyone prefers to get into and even there are people who fear the most to get in house when they see mess. This is all because it is where we generate hell lot of mess by keeping our groceries, other product and without delay our dustbins. It is just a wink of eye task to create a mess which is difficult to up including the hard stains of oil over slab, walls, under burner and sticky paper bags. It is very difficult to clean up the chaos of kitchen in short time period. But exactly what if it doesn’t turn out to be like that? If there is a mess, it’s not always that you spend money on availing kitchen deep cleaning services.

There are lots of housekeeping companies in Delhi like Manmachine solutions that provide you the feature of booking your cleaning session to relieve you of all the tension of the deep cleaning services and spare you from all the add-on stress and save your time lapse over the cleaning process but today we are focusing on DIY method for instantly cleaning your kitchen.

Housekeeping Services

Hold on! Do You Have Any Idea About Housekeeping Services?

  • After loading of the dishwashers, it just takes 30 seconds to wipe down and clean the sink.
  • Once you are done with the cooking chores, just by spending one minute you can effortlessly wipe down the top of stoves.
  • Cleaning can even consume less when you clean the counters and burners after every cooking process.
  • And hopefully in 5 minutes you can clean off the floor of your half-cleaned kitchen.

You can invest another five minutes in giving a soft touch of cleanliness over the cleaned surfaces without putting extra efforts. Do you want to know the secret of time saving while cleaning? The only secret is giving small time fractions in taking care of the cleaning act when you are leaving the kitchen for the day. A small effort leads to big time saving and these not only save your time but even saves your effort and maintain the shine of every corner of the kitchen. Even clean and tidy kitchen helps you placing things at their exact position.

Once you feel that the real cleaning tasks frequently done are not consuming enough time as much you thought then automatically the phobia of cleaning gets away from you. This technique is not just applicable to kitchen cleaning but even the same need is for all other cleaning like upholstery cleaning services, bathroom cleaning, sofa cleaning, office cleaning. Yes, there are certain cleaning criteria that really needs professional cleaners and Manmachine solutions are even contacted for that. People keep on searching façade cleaning companies, marble polishing service in Delhi and many other. So, everyday small time spent on cleaning saves you from heavy work load. So, you only need to maintain discipline to complete your chores. You can add cleaning tools and quality cleaning products to make your work easier and making a habit of doing everything as a part of routine that is discussed above.

Facility Management Company Enumerates the Essentials

Facility Management Company

Facility Management is a tall task to perform, as it requires endless hours of keeping the premises spick and span. Today, small, medium and large businesses depend on Facility Management Company to handle the same. This relates to an arrangement where you leave everything to the professionals and they will handle the upkeep and maintenance of your property. Living quality depends upon our environment, surroundings, and the infrastructural components of the facility. The facility management professionals will provide all the types of services such as building maintenance, housekeeping, provide the support staff, pantry services, pest control, floor polishing, facade cleaning, plumbing, carpet cleaning, and more.

facility management company
facility management company

This helps to maintain optimal living conditions for everyone concerned. By leaving things to the professionals, the property owners can get time to handle other aspects and this will be one of worry less for them. The property will remain, clean, spotless, and secure in every way. Outsourcing Facility Management Company is a practical thing to do as it reduces your overheads and costs, provides flexi service model, take the pain from management, and improve the operational efficiency. Besides that, you can also minimize legal liabilities by depending on an outside party. Streamline operations and simplify processes by leaving things to facility management agency.

The housekeeping solutions deals with cleanliness essentially along with ancillary services that remain attached with the same. In all this, the service providers maintain the highest standards and use only the best practices as per the industry requirements. Based on customer requirements, some Facility Management Company service providers offer pantry maintenance to store and serve eatables and beverages. When it comes to running properties, one simply cannot do without able support staff. They will bridge gap between what the property owners can do and what they are ultimately able to provide.

Effective pest control solutions improve the living conditions and make the environment hygienic, decreases the probability of diseases and infections. They can effectively deal with mice, rats, cockroaches, bugs, flies, ants, and termites. Facility Management Company is quite serious when it comes to providing their clients with the best possible services in every way. Maintaining the sofa and the carpets is a regular job. You can depend on the professionals for the same.

Professional Housekeeping Services Share their Cleaning Secrets

Cleaning challenges are present in every home and to deal with it you require help from professional housekeeping services. They will deal with everything from dusty television to pet odors in a way that the indoors will be hygienic with optimal living conditions. While, you can depend upon the experts whenever needed knowing about the best way to go about the cleaning jobs is also necessary. In keeping with the overwhelming needs of the householders everywhere, professional housekeepers share some secrets.
Multitasking products
Cleaning chemicals and specialty tools are good when you need to clean special surface or deal with one aspect of cleaning. For others, you need to purchase additional things. For best results use products that can multi-task. For instance, Ahe all-purpose cleaners are a good choice because they will disinfect your bathroom, clean glass, and floors. Besides that, you can also use them on tiles and wood without problems.

Using the appropriate tools
When it comes to cleaning tools, do away with specialty equipment because you will ultimately feel overwhelmed. For keeping the house spotless all you require is microfiber clothes, sponges, detailing scrub brush with handle, vacuum cleaner, and plastic scraper. You need training material capable of cleaning your carpets and the hard floor. Microfiber mop and feather duster are good investments in this regard.
Toothbrush can do wonders
According to the experts, toothbrush is an all-purpose gadget for cleaning. This is must have in any cleaning kit. You can use the grout brush out the toothbrush to do away with the toughness to remove grime from the tightest of the corners. Cleaning will become simpler than you think with such simple tool in your hand. Instead of putting too much pressure, you should depend upon the bristles to do the work because they have the required strength to remove dirt.
Keep all your cleaning things at a single place so that you will have them handy whenever needed. This is the advice from housekeeping services Delhi/NCR.

Importance of Upholstery Cleaning Services and Marble Cleaning Services

The look of your marble floor, carpets and upholstery says a lot about your home. If you allow the dirt and the grime to grow, these things get dirty quickly. The expensive artwork, fancy marble floor and counter tops, and vibrant chandeliers will simply be useless, if not maintained regularly.

Importance of Marble Cleaning Services & Specialists

Marble is a popular stone tile used as flooring material in bathrooms, walls, floors and counter tops. With its shiny surface, different shades and whirl patterns, marble offers an all-natural, elegant and luxurious appearance to the house. However, the rare beauty of marble always demands deep cleaning. Thus, you must regularly maintain the stone to keep them attractive; else, they look dull.

Marble flooring maintenance is a tough job, as it needs the just the right polish to wax and clean it. Since, marble stone is highly reactive to acidic cleaning agents, thus, it is crucial to hire marble cleaning services. The professionals have a deep understanding of the stone’s nature and use compatible wax to improve the longevity of marble.


Hiring certified marble cleaning services has several benefits, such as;

Easy cleaning of tough stains: Made of calcium bicarbonate, marble requires the use of correct cleaning agents and equipment; else, the beauty of the stone is easily lost. Most stains on the marble floors are easily removed, but stubborn stains won’t budge. For instance, grout and rust stains are absorbed deep into the stone’s pores that make them impossible to remove. Such stains need specific cleaning tactics and only certified professionals can do the job.

Etch marks removal: Etch marks occur when the calcium bicarbonate (marble) dissolves as it comes in contact with acidic or alkaline products like harsh household cleaning agents. These products cause a serious damage to the soft porous stone causing etch marks that are deep and difficult to clean. Such marks make the marble appear light and dull. Certified technicians will use diamond abrasives on the marble surface to remove the etch marks and polish it and apply sealant to restore its beauty.

Why Upholstery Cleaning Services

Upholstery cleaning services involve cleaning of different materials like suede, imitation leathers, leather and fabric. You need mild yet strong cleaning agents to clean the upholstery in the right way; else; it would leave stains behind and impair the durability, strength and appearance of your upholstery. Only qualified upholstery cleaning service provider can accomplish this task with ease.

If you seek to retrieve that lost sheen on your upholstery, approach a seasoned cleaning company. Their trained staff with the advanced tools can easily regain the lost shine. If mattress and sofa cleaning is a tall task for you, seek professional help for spotlessly clean, hygienic and fragrant upholstery.

Hire Reputed Companies

For Upholstery Cleaning Services and Marble Cleaning Services, you must hire seasoned and certified company. The cleaning treatments that they give to your floor or upholstery offer greater durability and use. You should check the customer reviews, or ask for references so that you can check their service quality before hiring them.

Gift Your Employees a Healthy Work Atmosphere through Corporate Cleaning Services

I contacted the experts of Manmachine Solutions for corporate cleaning services one year ago. I have not been able to leave their service since their first visit to my office. The cleaning professionals of Manmachine provide unparalleled service with their attention to minute details. I have received a variety of floor cleaning services through this organization. The cleaning experts also look after my employees’ health through their air-duct cleaning and steam toilet cleaning services. Manmachine Solutions rightfully deserves the crown of ‘Best’.

Office cleaning services

Floor Cleaning:

The cleaning experts visited my office to check the type of flooring before making any cleaning-plan. The floors of my office have designer terrazzo tiles with glass and marble chips. These tiles received regular moping with cleaning solutions and water. I am fastidious about cleanliness. I started noticing dirt build-up on the tiles, grout-lines and around the corners. The experts suggested polishing and buffing of the floors for stain removal.

  • The cleaning experts vacuumed the floor to remove any loose dirt particle before buffing.
  • They used a rotary floor machine to remove the stains and polish the tiles. This electric machine had a large polishing pad containing microscopic elements of diamonds.
  • The rotary machine had a tank parched onto the rotary head to hold water mixed cleaning solution. This tank automatically dispensed a certain amount of cleaning solution into the diamond pad. The cleaners used a pH neutral cleaning agent to avoid damages. The stains started disappearing with single abrasion of diamond discs.
  • The experts of Manmachine used white buffing discs to shine the Terrazzo tiles after polishing. The bi-weekly steam mopping has kept the floors’ shine intact and prevented staining.

Air-Duct Cleaning:

I was unaware of the true condition of the air-duct until I met the experts of Manmachine Solutions. I thought filtration system of central air-conditioner was enough to keep the pollutants at bay. The robotic inspector of Manmachine proved me wrong with dirt-filled pictures of air-duct.

  • This inspection vehicle moved efficiently inside the ventilation ducts and reached the distant parts. It collected dirt samples from the ducts and sent it to laboratory to check for microbial organism. They suggested immediate cleaning of air-ducts after receiving the test result.
  • This robotic air-duct inspector had a thick dusting brush attached to the front for effective cleaning. This brush dusted the dirt particles present on the inner wall. Its fanning motion also flushed the dusted dirt particles out of the ventilation system.
  • The robotic cleaning machine also captured the snapshots of clean air-duct as the proof of its efficiency. It has saved me and my employees from inhaling germ-filled oxygen.

Washroom Cleaning:

The toilet cleaning services of Manmachine Solution is also safeguarding the health of me and my employees.

  • I had stained floors and walls in my office’s washrooms. The chemical cleaning solutions provided surface cleaning. I appointed Manmachine’s cleaning-experts for biweekly steam cleaning of the toilets.
  • The pressurized jets of steam had removed stains from the walls, floors and toilet bowls after its first application. The biweekly cleanings have kept the washrooms in pristine condition.