Floor polishing is an easier task than it seems

Manmachine Solutions has made a benchmark in the Indian market with TheMaids.in and Floor Care Co. The cleaning industry of the country is given the tough competition with our efficient services and eco-friendly products. We take pride in taking the Clean India Mission forward with our cleaning packages for residential and commercial properties. Tasks like floor polishing, sofa dry cleaning, house deep cleaning of the entire property, mattress sanitization, and much more; have become our forte.

The Bonastre pads polish and clean only with water

Each package of cleaning and sanitization can be customized and altered as per the client’s needs; be it a House, an Office, Airport, Malls, Hospitals, Hospitality Industry, etc.

Floor cleaning:

The polishing and cleaning of the floors is an important task that is often taken for granted or done for the sake of it. We take it seriously. The exclusive products by Bonastre are used in floor polishing. The bonastre pads use only water and polish even the toughest stains and spots on marble, terrazzo, and limestone floors. The task of polishing is done with our finest equipment and products to really that floor shine and sparkle. The Bonastre pads by the Floor Care Co are used specifically to outshine all types of floors. Be it the floor of a room, the corridor, the lobby, the roof or the toilet.

The most important feature of these Bonastre products is that they shine on all types of floors and yet do not make them slippery.

Bonastre Green Line Systems

Environment-friendly solutions for sparkling clean floors.

Make your own floor look like a mirror in just 4 easy steps! Easy floor grinding solution.

Clean, Polish & Maintain your precious stone floors with Bonastre System Pads

Just like Bonastre System Pads, but for smaller areas. Even includes a hand applicator kit!

Bonastre Blue Line Systems

Tested chemicals for renovation, cleaning and tough stains!

Easy fast crystallization system for all marble colours. Achieve a super gloss finish.

Refurbish old concrete floors and breathe a new life in them.

Super fast granite polishing system for high gloss, strength and durability.

Wet-look colour enhancer and protector for use on all types of stones.

A unique stone impregnator and hardener. For use on porous stones such as Limestone.

This is a fast-working crystalliser for marble using water and a slow-speed floor machine.