Corporate Profile

We are a customer focused and customer driven company. We maintain many facilities, employ one of the best professional cleaning staff and have been serving customers for more than 36 years.

Our management is a right mix of experienced and highly knowledgeable professionals and the same has helped Manmachine Solutions to bring forth a wealth of fresh ideas, processes and experiences.

What sets us apart –

Vast experience gained as a market leader in the industry, most talented and committed team, state of the art operating systems and technology, a reputation for innovation, the ability to customize our services to meet the customers’ precise needs, an uncompromising focus on training and development for our managers and staff, a set of values that focus on integrity in everything we do, compassion for our people, and unparalleled commitment to quality and execution.

Changing the face of Cleaning

Manmachine Solutions is a dynamic and professional company offering Contract Cleaning services and Facility Management services in many industries like Hospitality, Commercial/ Corporate, Education, Healthcare, Entertainment, Retail, Manufacturing, Research and Development, Government etc.

Our passion for innovation and our thrust to provide the best in cleaning industry, we are continuously introducing best value innovative products which can contribute to high performance and growth of enterprises.

MissionEnriching people's lives with the most innovative solutions, our personal passion, reinforced by a professional mindset, creating value for all those we touch.

VisionTo be a role model in the industry with technology leadership, innovative products, solutions, service excellence and consequently heralding an era of irrevocable prosperity.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As it is said that “With great power comes greater responsibility”. And being responsible is one of the hallmarks of a progressive conglomerate. It germinates from possessing the right insight, approach and intelligent resources for sustainable growth as well as betterment of society. We take care to make health, safety and non-hazardous work conditions our topmost priority. The same principle guides us in considering environmental risks and pursuing environmentally safe practices across all business divisions.