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Manmachine Solutions is incorporated with a vision to endow a world-class facility to its user. Our team strives to provide integrated services at an affordable rate by rendering technocrats who are precisely trained in facility management services to deliver salutary assistance. We claim to be the best because we have been ruling the industry for 26 years. Our experience in this niche has made us more innovative, aware & efficient, and we put all these qualities into our service while rendering it to our clients.

Facility Management Services

We serve a spectrum of services by keeping safety & probity while delivering the most appropriate solution for facility needs & modern professional housekeeping services. We understand how important it is to maintain hygiene in offices, a laboratory, a shop, or any other room is a vital aspect of any business hence we make that value & serve you with nothing but the best. We came up with many innovative solutions to make commercial places germ-free. We value your health, hence we focused on eliminating dirt, debris & bacteria from your business. In each intervention, we offer different solutions according to the demand & needs of our customers. By offering quality & tailor-made help suitable for different environments.

We want you to succeed hence, we become a helping hand in endowing a clean environment for your business. So that you can focus on the growth of your venture, while our professionals can help you to succeed by focusing on your aim in a clean & hygienic environment. Manmachine Solutions is a facility management services that operates from Noida to facilitate these services all over Delhi, NCR.

The attributes that diversify us as a facility management company

We are pioneers in providing facility services to various corporate sectors, including hotels, hospitals, schools & colleges, government institutions, laboratories, etc. There are discrete reasons our client chooses us, but what makes us unique from others is.

100% secured- We take responsibility for handling all your assets while performing the cleaning work. Not only are our professionals legally verified but, we take full responsibility if anything happens to your assets while cleaning.

Facility Management Services

Well, disciplined- At Manmachine Solutions, we believe discipline is the bridge between goals & accomplishment. And the same our professionals follow while endowing services.

Expert cleaner- We take pride in our professionals, as they are experts in what they do. They can assure accountability, security, & integrity in their work.

Affordable package- Cleaning is important, but if it cost to break the bank, it’s not worth it. We promise that if you hire us, we will offer an affordable solution for all types of your needs.

Experience- Our existing clients who are giants in their respective fields can vouch for us. We are the pioneer of facility management companies and have been serving the industry for the last 25 years & we are still in business because our customers value our services.

Our technology & chemicals- At Manmachine Solutions, our professionals use the latest technology & chemicals to get the optimal result.

Our perfection & commitment is our forte

Commercial spaces- Manmachine solutions concede the significance of cleanliness, hygiene & proper maintenance. Hence, we take accountability for your commercial space by providing you with a clean environment. So that you and your team can concentrate on productivity without getting affected by dust, dirt & grime. Our professionals are trained in operating equipment & usage of chemicals to provide quality services. The chemical used in cleaning not only maintain the originality & beauty of the office but are also eco-friendly.

Facility Management Services

Guesthouse management- We understand the importance of maintaining the guesthouse. As it constitutes the first impression in front of your guest, & you would not want to compromise with that. Our services let you help to focus on essential matters like business development & acquisition while we take care of your facility management services.

Sanitization services- We endow complete guidance & services in sanitization. We believe that along with cleaning, sanitization is also a vital aspect, especially after the covid outbreaks. To avoid the risks, commercial management takes a precautionary step by hiring professionals. Our disinfection services have the techniques, tools, & most appropriate product to disinfect areas to make you, your space & employee enjoy a safe environment.

Security services- We endow security services to our clients, as per their needs. We provide a comprehensive range of disciplined & professionally trained security staff to perform a wide range of security functions.

Pest control services- We render a timely preventive measure & effective treatment of pest control. This service eliminates the risk of health issues that not only affect your health but your costly assets too. So, to maintain the sanctity of office premises, we endow pest control services to eradicate rodents, termites & general pest control.

Our quality policy

The reputation & branding success of any organization depends on its presentation. And at the facility management company, we strive to meet the requirement of all our customers consistently by presenting & rendering the best facility management services. Our working techniques, regular training of employees & efficient application of quality management services lead us to the top of our services.


Our quality Objective 

  • We provide consistency & communication in our services
  • We excel in each & everything we do
  • Outstanding services, support flexibility & responsiveness is our motto
  • Our customer feedback is 100% excellent
  • We have an enthusiastic & dedicated team of employees
  • Monitoring quality system & work characteristics for continuous improvement in all areas.

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