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What is marble crystallization?

It is a process of marble polishing that improves the surface aspect of the marble floor. This crystallization process comprises of spraying liquid crystallization powder over the marble flooring and carefully buffing it using steel wool properly fitted under the single disc floor machine of standard weight. The machine attached steel wool generates abrasion heat and the products used reacts with marble, creating a fresh compound over the marble. The most usable ingredient of any crystallization products or chemicals are magnesium fluorosilicate, acid and water. This process protects the marble by preserving its colour fading and maintaining the shine of the stone.

The stone surface is altered chemically by applying any crystallizer and trust me there is no way to get back to the unaltered marble condition. The only technique for removing the crystallized layer is floor grinding using diamond polishing products or it is even termed as grit.

marble crystallization powder

What is marble crystallization powder and who uses it?

It is a process of floor surface transformation using chemicals. This process is somewhat similar to conventional marble polishing done at factories. The portable marble machine directly incorporates the diamond polishing compounds on dry and clean surface for producing the renew marble surface. It is used for indoor marble cleaning only and at all level it searches its practical application like in offices, malls, public buildings, private homes and hotels.

Advantages of marble crystallization:

Not even the best polished floor can compete with a crystallized floor surface. We achieve a real mirror appearance with a fascinating aesthetic effect. Dust has nowhere to adhere, maintenance time will be reduced to a minimum.  This unique process of marble renewing uses amazing polishing chemical agents and machines which restores the floor marble to original luster. This method actually polishes the surface of the marble itself and leaves no chemical residue that needs stripping. Nothing is left behind to pale the shine of the marble. The best of availing crystallization is not just cost-effective but is even low in maintenance.


This is the method in which the floor surface is sanded using diamond discs for removing the big stocks of stones. This method is basically recommended when the tiles hold uneven tiles. It is even advised when there is deep scratches and stains on marble.


This is the method in which the stone is smoothen using diamond disc for removing scratches. Remember this process won’t help you in removing any lip pages. However, it rounds up the stone edges giving smooth edges.


The high shine of marble is completely the result of polishing marble using fine abrasives. Many of the marble polisher uses diamond abrasives for stone honing and then further switch down to using powdered abrasive for attaining final polishing.  The abrasive powder is allowed to work in the stone using a floor machine, polyester fibre pads and water. The powder is used in slurry till the shine and polish is obtained. Remove excess of the powder using wet mop and further rinse the floor. It is comparatively easy step but needs good effort and quality hands to complete the task.

marble crystallization powder


This process describes the method of marble polishing and maintaining the marble surface shine. This process consists of fluid spraying onto marble floor and then further buffing it using steel wool adjusted in buffing machine. This method helps in protecting the stone surface and adding shine to the surface.

It is very compulsory to carry out the work only by trained group of professionals having complete command over the working procedure.

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