Basic Skills and Equipments for Professional Commercial Cleaning Services Delhi-NCR

Just like home cleaning services, commercial cleaning involves its specific set of techniques and equipment for getting the best results. Client satisfaction is extremely important when you are providing services in an office space because personal rapport doesn’t matter much with more emphasis on quality. After all, there is a business to run and an effective presentation is everything in a commercial setting.

So what are the methods used by commercial services to appease the requirements of their clients? Why popular service providers are so effective when others fail?

Old-fashioned dirt, dust, and food wrappers do not take much time to accumulate be it home or office, the trick lies in removing them quickly much before they turn into an eyesore. Additional services include janitorial cleaning and flooring maintenance.


What kind of equipments is needed?

Commercial cleaning services use a wide range of equipments to provide the best possible cleaning results. This includes vacuum, wringer pail, mop, pole duster, dust cloths, dust mops, all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, bathroom, and kitchen disinfectant. For basic cleaning, they use rags of microfiber and terry cloth. Specialized cleaning service often includes standard floor buffers or floor machines to the job site. It simplifies floor waxing, stripping, and carpet cleaning.

Regular maintenance services

Keeping the office space clean, hygienic, and presentable on a daily basis is quite a challenge, but service operators in Delhi-NCR make this possible. Cleaning frequency depends upon both the number of staff and the overall building size. Naturally, if it is a big facility with many rooms and floors, daily cleaning is necessary. For a commercial setup with 2-3 rooms and small space, however, once-a-week cleaning may be sufficient.

The interesting thing is that regardless of the schedule most office cleaning services follow the same cleaning routine. First is clearing out the trash, dusting of high ledges, cleaning of cobwebs across the corners, wiping, dusting furnishings and desks. It is a tricky job requiring clever maneuvering around and on desks topped with important documents and files. Good services know how to avoid work disruption or keep it to the minimum.

For floors, vacuuming or sweeping followed by mopping is the basic regimen. While cleaning the bathroom or the kitchen the fixtures require special attention. Professionals use disinfectant cleaners for urinals, sinks, and toilet. For mirrors, special glass cleaners are used.

Some specialty services

Besides the regular cleaning in offices and other commercial spaces, these services sometimes also need to tackle situations that require specialized attention. So people may contact corporate cleaning services for cleaning windows, shampooing the carpet and waxing or buffing the floors from time to time. What is the frequency like in such services? It depends on the location of the office as well as the standards and preferences of the client. Storefront offices with a street-level entrance, for example, need to clean their carpets more frequently than similar businesses located on the building’s second floor. Such services mean extra expenses for the clients, but worth it in every way.

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