Cleaned Floors And Carpets Mean A Clean House

If you just dust off the furniture of your house and clean out the obvious stains and call your home a clean place, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Cleaning a house is more than that and it involves thoroughly cleaning and polishing all the tough corners of your house. The toughest part of a house which looks easier to clean but is not is the floor.

Floor cleaning comes under a different section of many home cleaning services list. This is because it is tougher to clean and the techniques to clean the floor vary depending on the type of the floor which could be anything from granite, tile or even marble. Professional house cleaning services will offer a cleaning option for every type of floor including wooden. Floors also include the part of the house which has been covered by heavy objects like refrigerators and washing machine. The company makes sure that every dirt is cleaned up when they sign on for the job. This is the reason it is advisable to hire a home cleaning service because you will have a tough time moving around these heavy objects.


They also clean up the corridors and entrances of the house along with any stubborn stain or mildew at the corners of the house. When we talk about floor cleaning, one of the most common type of floor is marble. Marble cleaning needs more precision compared to other type of floors as it not only requires moping and sweeping but also polishing and sealing.

After the surface of the marble floor is thoroughly cleaned, it needs to be polished to give it the required luster. But, this is not the end. To seal the luster of the floor, it needs to be covered with the right sealant and all this is done by a professional house cleaning company.


The next part of the floor is the carpet. Many people like to either cover their floors, partially or completely with carpets. Carpeting is done to give a grand and chic look to the house and it is not uncommon for office spaces too. If you want a proper clean up of your house, you need to look for companies that include carpet cleaning in their list too. It is important to clean up carpets because they can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful chemicals real quick. They can absorb everything quickly and this includes all the dirt, grime and dust that a carpet is exposed, too.

The professional cleaning services will first remove the carpet from the floor and then vacuum it. After the vacuuming is done, they will use special methods to remove the dirt from the carpet. Carpet shampooing is another part of the cleaning process which has given great results.

And if there is a big blotch of stain right in the middle of the carpet, the cleaning services have that covered too. You just need to state your requirements to them.

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