Cleaning Your Home During Winter Tips

Keeping your home clean during the winters is not a tall task if you can hire professional home cleaning services. Those who cannot afford to do it or want to take additional measures to keep their indoors spotlessly clean can achieve it easily. All you need is good tips to help you on the way. Maintain a spotless, fresh interior all through the cold months of the year.

  • Maintain Optimum Heating: An effective heating system depends on the clean air ducts. For doing this however you have to depend on professionals. An Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is the best way to go.



  • Use Doormats: Prevent mud, dirt, and moisture from entering indoors as much as possible by keeping the floor mats at a strategic location. It will bring down your floor cleaning needs a notch. You can easily place rough mats made from coir, rubber, or wood near the doors. The presence of absorbent material soaks up moisture effectively.


  • Clean Gutters: Winters is the dry time of the year. So, it is the best time to clean up your gutters to prevent water clogging in the coming times. Remove any twigs, debris, or leaves that have the tendency to accumulate at the mouth of the gutter and prevent effective flow of water. The water will flow under house eaves and seep within the walls.


  • Rugs & Carpets: Cleaning the rugs and carpets is another important part of keeping the indoors spotless. Whether it is the wall-to-wall carpets or those in your dining, living room, or bedroom it is important to use the right fabric to remove the dirt, dust, or even mud clinging to it. The good news is that winter stains are not hard to clean but you need to use the right cleaners for the purpose or the damage may be irreparable. Ideal thing to do is always steam carpet cleaning since it gives the best results.


  • Dust Removal: Dust and allergens can make life difficult for the family. Air remains dry and warm escalating the problem during the winters. So the best thing to do would be to keep the indoors as much clean as possible. Vacuuming is always the best way to prevent the menace of dust and keeps it at manageable levels. Be sure to remove dust from the blades of your ceiling fan, bookshelves, and window moldings.


  • Furniture Cleaning: Upholstery of your furniture has a way of gathering dust, dirt, and everything else that can make the indoor environment less than completely hygienic. Proper sofa cleaning as well as wiping away the dirt from the nooks and crannies of all the furniture pieces around the home is important. Take time to clean the shelves, cupboards, chairs, tables, and everything else lying about the house. For the upholstery simply put it in the washing machine for the best results.


As you can see, maintaining a clean home during winters is not quite difficult. You just need to be thorough in your endeavors. So, would you like to share some winter cleaning tips too?


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