Enjoy Premium Cleaning Services and Spotless Housekeeping Services

If you are incapable of cleaning your residential area on a regular basis, Manmachine Solutions can provide you with the premium cleaning services. The experts associated with home cleaning services of this organization will make every inch of your room shine. Your rooms and upholsteries will also stay germ-free through the steam-cleaning.

Cherishing Specialities

An independent contractor is only capable of performing the basic cleaning your house. The small agencies also do not have advance cleaning equipment or properly-trained personnel.

The Manmachine Solutions differ from these agencies or individuals in many aspects.

The expert cleaners of this agency will provide you with a customized cleaning plan for your house. They will perform a thorough inspection of all the rooms and will assess the floorings. This will help them plan properly and choose the cleaning solutions accordingly. They will perform the cleaning at the convenient hours of yours.

Premium cleaning service

The Cleaning Process 

  • The busy schedule or debilitating health of yours may have resulted in dusty cobwebbed rooms and stained furniture. In this situation, the housecleaning personnel of Manmachine will perform the tasks mentioned below.
  • The cobwebs present on the walls and ceilings of your rooms, including the washroom and kitchen, will be vacuum cleaned.
  • The cobwebs present on windowsills, iron meshes or grills, underneath the furniture will also be properly vacuumed.
  • The floors will not only receive general dusting. These will receive mechanical mopping.

The previous inspection will help the personnel determine the appropriate cleaning agent for the floorings. A harsh chemical (acid based) will harm the marbled floors.

Strong cleaning chemicals may also harm elegant tiled structures.

The ARES 37/1 (the wet and dry vacuum cleaner with single-stage motor) will be used to mop your floors in the absence of any tough stain.

The EXCEL M – 77/2 (the wet and dry vacuum cleaner with two double stage motors) is capable of removing any tough stain from the floors. This will be used in the presence of a stained floor.

  • It is necessary to maintain a disinfected environment in the presence of children or sick family members. The steam cleaning will keep your floors disinfected. The experts of this cleaning agency will perform steam-cleaning as per your requests.
  • The walls and floors of washrooms usually get stained and grimed quicker than the other areas. The bathroom fittings, bathtubs and basins may also collect water-marks and grimes. The jets of heated-water, sprayed from the automatic washer, will keep your washrooms free of any stain or germ.
  • The oily tiled walls of your kitchen will sparkle through manual scrubbing and sponging.
  • The automated mopping devices will clean the oily floors thoroughly. Special attention will be given to the granite floors because these are fragile and porous than the general tiles.
  • The ESTRO-125 or ESTRO-250 upholstery-cleaners will add spotless shines to your dusty and/or stained upholsteries.

housekeeping services

These devices will also clean the curtains and the carpets without causing any damage to the textile. The housekeeping services of Manmachine Solutions will liberate you from the tedious and harrowing tasks of cleaning your house. The expertise of the personnel will keep your home clean and free of any germ without causing any damage.

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