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The housekeeping staff who work in hotels, clean thousands of rooms each year. How do you think they efficiently carry out their job responsibilities? Learn the cleaning secrets straight from the horse’s mouth to simplify your cleaning routine.
You need a systematic approach to cleaning is the first mantra of spotless Home Cleaning Services. The housekeeping staff is first trained to walk into a room and strip all the linen. Similarly, you need to create a cleaning plan, because if you know what you will clean and in which order, you will save time and energy.

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Roof and Walls
According to Housekeeping Services expert you should start from the top. Start cleaning the roof and walls first, because the dust will fall, and you don’t want to go crazy by cleaning the dust repeatedly from your furniture or floor, isn’t it?
Often, people focus on the walls, floors and other hard surfaces, but skip cleaning the sofas and upholstery. Therefore, it is necessary to remember the furniture and vacuum the upholstery to remove the dust and dirt particles; lest you want to damage the beauty of your furniture and fabric over time.
Dust Your Lamps and Bulbs
With regular dusting of the lampshades and bulbs, you can instantly brighten the aura of your rooms. Prior to cleaning the bulbs, ensure they are turned off and are cool.
Protect Your Beds and Pillows
To keep your mattress clean and extend their life span use protectors; readily available at the stores. These protectors keep away the liquid spills, stains, dust mites and other allergens; while offering utmost comfort of your bed. The same holds true for the pillows. Once in a while you may dip them in a liquid detergent to clean and slightly wring them, and hang them on the cloth line to dry them.
Be Cautious about Chemicals
Follow the instructions on the bottle while using chemicals to clean the floors, upholstery, table tops, and any corner of the house. Mixing chemicals on your own can be dangerous as it may create harmful vapors. Always, use different colored cloth or rags for each cleaning project, i.e., a dry cloth for dusting, while the other one for working with the chemicals.
Keep the Windows Open
Keep your windows open for both natural light and air to circulate when you are cleaning your rooms. Doing so offers better ventilation; especially when you are working with chemicals. Natural light allows you to see more cleaning details.
Appliances Care
Now that you are done with cleaning your rooms, it’s time to clean the appliances too! Inspect your vacuum and clean the brushes on a monthly basis to ensure efficient and easier vacuuming. Similarly, irons need to be cleaned regularly, rust can easily develop, if the water is not drained, which will eventually stain your clothes. Make sure you drain your iron after every use.
With these Home Cleaning Services tips you can efficiently clean your home or office;without feeling the brunt of the chore. Contact us for online booking @ 08130514514, 0120-4558484 OR visit our website for online booking http://bit.ly/1Oegjnm

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