Let Floor Cleaning Services and Carpet Cleaning Services Make Your Rooms Dazzle

As a homeowner, I have experienced troubles at the time of cleaning the marbled floors of my rooms. The kids have the tendency of spilling colored ice-creams or syrups on the floors at the time of eating. The adults have the tendency of spilling coffee or tea.

These items can quickly stain the marbles because these are extremely porous materials. I used to apply home-based cleaning materials to remove those stains. I am a professional woman and it was a time-consuming task for me. In a time like this, I got to know about the marble cleaning services of Manmachine Solutions.

floor cleaning

The expert cleaners associated with this agency seemed like the blessings of the God. They were aware of the necessary facts related to the cleaning of the marbled products.

  • A scrubbing pad or rough fabric may wipe the stain off your marbled floors easily. It will definitely damage the flooring in the process.
  • The marble is a natural stone. It is highly porous. Any acidic or alkaline compound will damage the composition of this stone.
  • The grimes or dirt get easily deposited inside the joining crevices of the marbles. It is extremely hard to clean those crevices.
  • The conventional floor-cleaning products, such as ceramic tile cleaners, may lessen the brightness of the marbles.

The experts of floor cleaning services used only the marble-safe cleaning and polishing agents for my floors. It enhanced the shine and maintained the quality of the stones.

  • The Three-Phase Induction Motor Cleaner wiped off all the stains present on the marbles. It even spotlessly cleaned the crevices.
  • It is hard to clean the corners of the rooms. The expert cleaners manually polished the corners with micro-fibered cloths.
  • The automated floor polishers added sparkles to the grimy marbles with the use of marble-safe polishing agents.

The aforementioned tasks were performed within a short span of time and without any hassle. The cleaning-experts paid extra attention to the polishing of the upholsteries and carpets.

The stains present on the fabrics were hard for me to remove even with the strong home cleaning agents. I was also afraid of damaging he fabrics.

  • The carpet cleaning services first used ARES 37/1 vacuum cleaner to suction all the dust particles off the carpets and floor-mats present in my room. These cleaner was able to clean the dirt, but not the stains.
  • The ESTRO-250 foam-generating upholstery cleaner was used to remove the stains present on the carpets. It was fitted with a double-stage motor and had a detergent tank of 20 liters.

Carpet cleaning

This upholstery cleaner covered the stained area with the lather.

This lather dissolved the particles present in the stain.

The upholstery cleaner was used to vacuum the lather upon drying off.

This whole process left my carpets and floor-mats free of any stain without making it wet.

  • The ESTRO-250 was also used to clean my upholsteries and curtains. It restored the luster back to the fabrics.

The professional cleaners of Manmachine Solutions made my floors sparkle. My upholsteries also looked spotlessly clean. I have rested all the cleaning duties upon the expert shoulders of this agency. If you are in need of a thoroughly cleaned house, do not forget to contact this leading home cleaning organization.

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