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Today, we present to you the new face of Manmachine Solutions. With great love and care we have created the Manmachine Brand for the last 20 years. We are guided by our founder, Mr. Anil Sethi’s vision of a cleaner, fresher and more beautiful world. His perseverance for such a long time has borne the fruits now and the Manmachine brand has gone through a complete overhaul.

We present to you, our new Identity, Logo and Website:

Identity color


The new identity represents Manmachine Solutions’ continuous and infinite growth in the industry and the world. It is an expression of every component of the system working in tandem and in sequence to give the most optimal of results.

As part of our larger business operations, we have merged the Contractual cleaning services, Pantry services and our Premium Home Cleaning arm ( into one single entity, the Manmachine Solutions. Headed by our team leaders, we have invested heavily into bringing in new technologies like Robotic Duct Cleaning Services and Chemical Free Polishing  to India.

Our team member, Atika, has just concluded her study tour to Spain and has come back with a lot of insights, connections and new technologies which will surely revolutionize the way we are doing business and the way you perceive cleanliness.

We hope to keep updating you with the latest of information here. So, go ahead, bookmark this blog for a cleaner life.

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