Tips on Carpet Cleaning from Commercial Cleaning Service

Hiring a professional janitorial service company for keeping your commercial space germ-free and spotlessly clean is critical for your success. Only healthy and clean premises promotes productivity and goodwill. This article focuses on how to keep your carpet clean and maintain its longevity.

Maintaining a clean carpet is healthy for the employees, but it also increases the durability of the carpet, which can lead to substantial financial savings. 80% of the dry soil is carried inside the office premises through shoes, and 20% involves grease, oil, and starch. Cleaning the dry soil from the carpet is easy, with the help of a vacuum cleaner. However, vacuuming alone, is not enough. Read these carpet cleaning tips to improve the health of your rugs at office or at home.

Commercial and Carpet Cleaning Services
Commercial and Carpet Cleaning Services

TIP 1: Vaccuming

Carpets must be properly vacuumed once each week. Using a superior quality vacuum with a HEPA filter is ideal for cleaning the carpet, while improving the air quality in your office or home. The Commercial Cleaning Service company daily vacuums the traffic areas in the office; for that sparkling effect.

TIP 2: Cleaning Spots

Often, the grease, oil, or coffee spills leave the carpet flooring dirty. The instant reaction is to use a paper towel to absorb the liquid spill to prevent stains that make the carpet look dirty. However, spills tend to leave behind the stains, and by using spot treat carpet products immediately, easily removes the stains. If you are unable to use the products, you can throw a paper towel on the spill, and step on it to remove the stain. If that doesn’t work, simply pour some water on the area to wipe clean it.

TIP 3: Dry Cleaning

Weekly vacuuming the carpet is essential, but not enough. Depending on the carpet type, traffic patterns and facility, Floor Cleaning Services utilize dry-chemicals to clean carpets; every 6-12 months. Dry cleaning keeps the carpet healthy and improves its durability, too.

TIP 4: Use Mats at Entrance

Using walk-off mats at all the entrance doors will help to keep away the dirt and soil from the carpet’s surface, effortlessly. Keep a shoe rack near the door and politely request your guests and family members to remove them before entering your carpeted home.

Similarly, Toilet Steam Cleaning effortlessly cleans the muck stuck in the hard to reach corners and makes the floor and toilets germ-free. Steaming daily the area prevents the spread of germs and maintains a healthy environment both in the office and at home.

If your residential or commercial building has granite floors, its maintenance is equally important just like the carpet. Employing professional Granite Floor Polishing is thus critical to maintain its shine and health. You should get the floor polished after every1-2 years.

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service allows you to add value to your residential or commercial building, by keeping the premises free from pathogens and odors. Doing so, makes the environment for employees, visitors and guests or occupants comfortable.

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