Walk on Spotless Surfaces with Marble Cleaning Services

The simple definition of marble is a metamorphic rock. This simple explanation does not define the beauty of this natural stone. It is available in a variety of colors and with different types of vein marks. The Breccia marbles have darker shades. The Carrara marble is popular for its pristine colors. The Calcutta marble has dramatic shades on the base color of white. The visibly porous Limestone is usually available in tan or beige color. These expensive and sensitive floorings demand delicate marble cleaning services.

Only a trained professional is capable of cleaning and polishing the marble, perfectly.  By hiring the floor cleaning services experts, you can easily maintain the look and feel of your marble.


Professional Cleaning & Polishing Methods

The marble tiles offer elegant appearance to the place where they are used. These tiles are popular for durability. These tiles will grace your home or office with their unique appearance, if cared properly. The cleaning agency experts provide the necessary caring touch to your marble. They use two different types of cleaning methods.

Diamond Abrasives

The most common polishing materials used on marbled floorings. The grits of industrial -grade diamonds are used in this technique. These diamonds are usually set within pads or discs of three to four-inch diameters. The floor machines used for polishing are fitted with a drive-plate. The diamond-containing discs are attached to this plate. Low rotational speed is maintained during the polishing of diamonds. The polishing continues with finer grits of diamonds until the marbles start sparkling.

This polishing technique will not only let the professionals remove tough stains from the surface of the marbles. It will also remove the scratch marks without any damage to the stones. Its lasting gloss will save the floors from requiring polishing for a long time.


Crystal Clearing

The crystallization is a less effective technique than diamond grinding. It will still make your marble floors shine with a clean sparkle. The professionals will spray a chemical known as fluorosilicate onto the stone. They will buff this chemical with steel wool-pads. This buffing will create glass-like crystals onto the surface. The heavy drive-plate of a floor-machine is used to polish the crystals at low rotational speeds.

This polishing technique is capable of removing fine and heavy scratches from the surface. The gloss of this technique will last for a long time with frequent periodic stripping.

The contraptions used in the techniques mandate professional expertise. The trained professionals of this agency are not only capable of maneuvering these machines. They are also capable of providing thorough upholstery cleaning services with ESTRO-125 and ESTRO-250.

The upholstery cleaning machines create dense and dry foam through mechanical aeration of liquid detergent. Only natural and PH-neutral detergents are used for cleaning. An armchair nozzle is used to spread and agitate the foam evenly on the surface of your upholsteries. The foam dislodges and dissolves the dust particles. The armchair nozzle is used to extract the suspended particles and foam from the surface.

If dust and grimes are staining your marbled floors or carpets, avail assistance of this pioneering cleaning agency for effective solutions.

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