Do you emphasize on keeping your residences spotlessly clean for the health and hygiene of the family? While quality home cleaning services are a great way to ensure this, everyone should take cleanliness a step further. This is especially crucial today when the Prime Minister of India had recently initiated his ambitious project Swachh Bharat Mission.

Sad to say, in India we have no qualms when it comes to throwing garbage, and littering the streets. Even when we take steps towards keeping our houses clean, maintaining a spotless surrounding doesn’t come anywhere in the priorities. The mission got the green signal on October 2, 2014 and since then has turned into a much-discussed initiative. With celebrities endorsing the same and even wielding the broom to show the way, it becomes important for every Indian citizen to make their contribution.

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While, doorstep cleaning services can only make your home squeaky clean, the mindset of the people need to change when it comes to developing a truly Swachh Bharat. Do you spit on the walls of your home or urinate there? No!!! Then why not treat your streets, neighborhoods, cities, and the whole country the same way?

For example, children can take the initiative to keep their classrooms and their school premises clean, dirt, and garbage free. They should develop good habits from early on and even inspire others to follow. This way, every nook and cranny of our country will become truly clean just like your own home.

Some of the proactive actions that you can take to make Swachh Bharat a reality are,

  • Never throw garbage out on the street
  • Don’t throw plastic bottles, snack wrappers from moving vehicles
  • Never spit on the roads & streets
  • If someone you know urinates, spits, and defecates outdoors, discourage them
  • If possible create a group of like-minded individuals to create awareness

When you place so much emphasis on the quality of residential cleaning services, it shows that you want yourself and your family to live in a healthy and clean environment. Simply extend this concern a little bit further to make a small step towards a big transformation for the whole country. This is the aim of Swachh Bharat Mission.

Main agenda under the mission

  • Construction of toilets
  • Reduce/eliminate open defecation
  • Accountable mechanism for monitor of latrine use
  • Public awareness regarding need of latrine use
  • Changing the behavior, attitude, and mindset of people
  • Cleaning the villages
  • Liquid/solid waste management in gram panchayats
  • Pipelines to villages with water supply to every home by 2019

The responsibility to clean the city not only lies on individual shoulders, but different companies, businesses and organizations can also make their contribution towards this grand mission. They can inspire employees to embrace cleanliness in every aspect of their lives. Just as commercial cleaning services keep the business environment professional and attractive, employees can contribute to make India one of the cleanest nations in the whole world.

The drive has begun, so are you ready to transform this into a national phenomenon?

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