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The threat of nosocomial infection (Hospital borne infection) has brought third generation antibiotics into the market and prescribed intensively by the medical personnel. This has led to increasing cost of treatment. However, good cleaning practices and environmental sanitation procedures viz. disinfection, sterilization and stringent aseptic traditions can lead a long way towards reducing hospital infection and decreasing the cost of care in hospitals.

We specialize in healthcare cleaning services. We work with international clinics, hospitals and labs. As a fully HACCP-compliant healthcare cleaning service provider, our staff are carefully selected and thoroughly trained so that they’re qualified to clean this medical equipment that is often extremely fragile and expensive. We also only use HACCP-safe materials as part of our healthcare cleaning services, all of which are fully compliant with your healthcare institution’s policies. All our chemicals are environmentally friendly and non-toxic to the patients in your building.

We understand that healthcare institutions such as hospitals and clinics work to regular schedules, and that things like patient visiting hours, meal times and ward rounds take place at specific times.

At Manmachine, our healthcare cleaning services fit in with these times in order to suit you. Depending on the size of your hospital or clinic and your specific cleaning needs, we can provide both day and nightshift staff.

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