Before Re-opening the Stores Post Lockdown, Avail Deep Cleaning and Sanitization Service!

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I hope everyone is strictly following the precautionary guidelines to stay safe from coronavirus infection.

Spring cleaning has really taken on a fresh urgency in 2020. Heeding the coronavirus infection prevention guidelines from healthcare like US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people are taking extra care of themselves and surely their facilities.

This coronavirus has taken the world to another level when it comes to cleanliness and sanitization. The COVID-19 outbreak has adversely affected all the businesses across the globe. But there are cleaning service providers who have taken special care to deal with the pandemic scenario and reduce the impact at all possible levels. Manmachine Solutions is helping you in dealing with this transmittable disease.

Surely this pandemic has kept many countries across the globe under strict lockdown for a minimum of 2 months. One of the adverse effects of this lockdown is that all the industries in every country are facing huge losses, while the small scale businesses are going through hard times. Surely no one is spared from the adverse effect of this COVID-19. However, few of the countries including India is slowly reopening the business to fight economic depression.

Hope everyone is aware of the news that is trending on twitter regarding the condition of malls in Malaysia after long lockdown. The stores were closed and sealed, ACs were turned off, no maintenance was there for the past 2 months which lead to worsening the condition of the stocks. The humidity inside closed stores leads to the growth of molds and fungus onto the leather bags, shoes, and other stocks. This is surely the case of a mall in Malaysia but trust me the same is the scenario with malls everywhere. Recently the Prime Minister addressed the nation with the message of the slow opening of the things to bring back the economy on track. Before reopening the stores, malls, and commercial places it is very important to take all preventive measures and cleaning approaches to keep the place clean, healthy, hygienic, and surely germ-free.

As the safety of the customer is the top priority, retailers are well aware of the footfall post lockdown will dwindle. Nevertheless being the owner or the caretaker of the place you need to go the extra mile to bring health back to your stores. You surely need to focus more on cleanliness and sanitization, as it is devising ways to woo the customers back. Along with cleanliness, you need to be very specific while addressing the norms of hygiene and social distancing.

As per a report, the retail industry of India may take at least one year to recover from this COVID-19 pandemic and run smoothly like before. Most of the shoes and clothing brands are working hard to keep the showroom clean by regular sanitization, proper cleaning of high traffic areas, and every wiping off every single product. But what about those stores who have completely closed the doors for the last 2 months. To clean them and make the environment healthy, the team of Manmachine Solutions is there who are actively helping workstations, offices, government authorities to slowly re-open. Indian Authorities are making sure that all the stores and malls strictly follow the precautionary protocols post lockdown but to get your store clean and functional, you need to first hire a quality professional misting and sanitization company who can tackle cleaning and sanitization chores simultaneously without hampering the quality of the indoor air and products.

For more information on coronavirus and post lockdown phase, stay tuned to Manmachine Solutions.

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