Make Your Office Shine through Marble Cleaning Services & Carpet Cleaning Services

The marbles are nothing but metamorphic rocks made of calcite or dolomite. The beauty of this rock separates it from other flooring tiles. The marbled tiles are more porous than granite, travertine, slate or limestone tiles. The application of an improper cleaning agent may cause significant damage to these natural stones. The expertise of a professional is necessary for the cleaning and polishing of these stones.

The floor cleaning services, availed through this website, will let the marbles in your premise shine impeccably. The professionals of this organization will not only perform simple cleaning of the marbles. They will safeguard these natural stones against further damage or staining through the application waxes and sealants. These premium-quality marble cleaning services will let you enhance the appearance and longevity of your flooring.

Understanding Stains and Etch Marks

The marbles are porous stones. The stains or etch marks may appear on the surfaces of these natural stones faster than the others.

If a colouring substance gets absorbed through the pores of the marble and moves deeper, it will cause staining of these stones. The staining will change the colour of the marble. It will never change the surface finish of it.

The etch marks are more damaging than the stains. An acidic or alkaline product may form etch marks on the surfaces of the marbles. These substances will corrode the surface of the marble and will cause physical damages to it. The etch marks are often lighter than the staining marks, though, are more damaging.

The professionals of this agency know the difference between the etch marks and staining. This knowledge will let them take proper care of your marble flooring without causing any damage to it.

Stain Removal and Sealing

The staining is a common occurrence in an office building. Numerous individuals trample the floors of your commercial structure on a regular basis. The grimes may easily stain the marble cleaning in the absence of a floor sealant. The colouring substances, such as coffee, tea or chocolaty products, may also stain your floors. The stains are easier to remove than the etch marks.

The professionals of this agency may use diamond abrasives to remove the stains off the marbles. The discs of diamond abrasives are usually attached to the bottom of the floor machines and polishing is performed at a moderate speed.

The diamond abrasives are not only capable of removing stains from the marble flooring. These abrading products can also remove scratches and etch marks efficiently.

It is necessary to coat your marbles with suitable floor sealing agents. The application of suitable floor sealants will save the marbles from staining easily in future.

You may have a carpet or a floor-rug in your personal chamber. A single drop of coffee, tea or wine may stain fabrics of these materials permanently. These stains are hard to remove even with the application of vinegar and bicarbonate soda. The professionals of this agency may make these marks disappear within a few minutes time with the use of an upholstery-cleaner.

The floor cleaning and carpet cleaning services of this organization will help you maintain a pristine image in front of your clients and your employees.

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