Delhi’s odd-even Formula – 1st January to 15th January 2016

Delhi’s state government hopes to cut pollution in the capital of India by restricting the number of vehicles on the Delhi roads for 15 days from 1st January — but there are challan for the violation of new rules.

Delhi's Odd-even formula
Delhi’s Odd-even formula

From January 1st to 15th, those driving cars with license plates ending with an even number will only be allowed on the roads on even-numbered dates.

Those driving cars with license plates ending in an odd figure will be allowed on the roads on the other days. The rules apply from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and anyone caught breaking them will incur a 2,000 rupees challan.

Women driving alone or go with by children under the age of 12, are exempt, as are cars driven by the physically disabled.

Two-wheeled motors, basically motorcycles and scooters, as well as hybrid and electric cars and vans that run on compressed natural gas, will be allowed to drive without restriction.

This means that tens of thousands of green-and-yellow auto rickshaws and black and yellow taxis will run uninterrupted on Delhi roads.

Cars with diplomatic and defence ministry license plates, the army, police, and some officials’ cars, including those belonging to the president, vice president and prime minister’s convoys, will be allowed to move through Delhi whenever they choose. Transport department vehicles and paramilitary force motors will also have unfettered access to the roads.

As will cars ferrying members of Parliament, the chief justice of India, judges in the supreme and high courts and state chief ministers.

The rules don’t apply to emergency vehicles, including ambulances and fire engines, and hearses and prison vehicles are also not included.

Mr. Kejriwal said the government might consider adding motorcycles and scooters to the banned list if the experiment is a success and the odd-even driving rule re-imposed. This time around, there isn’t enough capacity in the public transport system to accommodate all the people who usually drive a motorcycle or scooter to work.

Enter in New Year 2016 with Clean Home

How people go about cleaning their home is as varied as the people in the home. At one extreme are people who never seem to clean at all. At the other are people who spend their entire time at home with cleaning supplies in hand.

Some people wait until the weekend and time off. They clean everything everywhere. That pretty much ruins any chance to relax and enjoy the
time away from work.CleanHome

There’s another option – professional home cleaning services & commercial cleaning services. I’m not talking about a full time service, but that is an option for some people. Part time services come as often as you wish and do as much as you tell them. They charges very reasonable price. (more…)

Why the Need for Robotic Air Duct Cleaning services?

Air ducts allow ventilation in the rooms and play a pivotal role in the heating and cooling systems. With time, air ducts get dirty and therefore it is logical to clean them. However, cleaning them is not easy and you would require assistance from professional Home Cleaning Services that use automated cleaning technique such as the Robotic Air Duct cleaning services. Let us read further to find out more.


What is Robotic Air Duct Cleaning services?

Robotic Air Duct Cleaning kit comprises of a control and monitoring system paired with different types and lengths of brushes. The system first inspects the cleaning zones in the air ducts, then it uses the brush accessory to extract the dust. Post the thorough extraction of dust, the robotic arm uses the sanitation equipments filled with anti-microbial solutions to clean the duct interiors, thus removing germs thriving in them; leaving the air clean to breathe and circulate.

The multi-purpose Robotic Air Duct cleaning vehicle can be configured to perform the cleaning operations by mounting automated vertical or horizontal rotary brushes or pressured air nozzles. The features of this product include remote controlled brushes with variable speeds up to 800 rpm, the equipment is mounted with a video camera in the front and at the back to provide real-time monitoring during the cleaning process. The operational speed of this equipment ranges from 1m per min to 10m per min. The equipment works well for external and internal insulated, square or rectangular air ducts.

Why You should Consider Air Ducts Cleaning?

You should immediately call Housekeeping Services that have mastered the art of Robotic Air Duct cleaning services, if:

  • Air ducts are clogged with large amounts of dust and debris, released into your premises from your supply register.
  • A substantial mold growth in the hard surface of the ducts or on the heating and cooling system components is visible.
  • Air ducts are infested with vermin such as insects or rodents.

The Process

The video cameras installed in the front and back of the robotic duct arm inspects and records the interiors of the air ducts. The robot is put in the duct work to travel and document the area in up to 30 metres in a single direction. As it moves around in the duct work, it records the actual interior conditions. The images are transmitted onto a CD, which is used for demonstrating the pre-cleaning conditions and the present scenario. The cleaning video and documentation is presented to the customer or the facility manager. The documented report includes: record forms detailing Robotic Air Duct Cleaning services information, and a CD with recorded highlights of the ventilation inspection and cleaning.

Robotic Air Duct cleaning services are avidly used today for industrial, commercial, and marine ventilation system cleaning. The technology is applicable for business premises and activities that require superior quality cleaning process.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have the need to get the air ducts clean for purer air and improved ventilation, immediately seek the services of a seasoned professional.

Tips on Carpet Cleaning from Commercial Cleaning Service

Hiring a professional janitorial service company for keeping your commercial space germ-free and spotlessly clean is critical for your success. Only healthy and clean premises promotes productivity and goodwill. This article focuses on how to keep your carpet clean and maintain its longevity.

Maintaining a clean carpet is healthy for the employees, but it also increases the durability of the carpet, which can lead to substantial financial savings. 80% of the dry soil is carried inside the office premises through shoes, and 20% involves grease, oil, and starch. Cleaning the dry soil from the carpet is easy, with the help of a vacuum cleaner. However, vacuuming alone, is not enough. Read these carpet cleaning tips to improve the health of your rugs at office or at home.

Commercial and Carpet Cleaning Services
Commercial and Carpet Cleaning Services

TIP 1: Vaccuming

Carpets must be properly vacuumed once each week. Using a superior quality vacuum with a HEPA filter is ideal for cleaning the carpet, while improving the air quality in your office or home. The Commercial Cleaning Service company daily vacuums the traffic areas in the office; for that sparkling effect.


Top 5 Reasons for Hiring Professional Corporate Office Cleaning Services

Hiring the ideal candidate for a competent position at the office is critical to the success of a company. Similarly, keeping the office premises sparkling clean from floor to roof requires a certified Corporate Office Cleaning Services provider. To maintain good productivity in the business, hiring professionals for regular maintenance of the premises is thus important. So, let us understand the top 5 reasons for using Housekeeping Services in the office.

Office Cleaning Services
Office Cleaning Services

Improved Productivity

A clean and organized workspace boosts productivity amongst employees. In a clutter-free space, there will be no distractions and more focus on the job, allowing more work to be done. Improved productivity augments business revenues and salary increments for the employees. Thus, it’s a win-win situation for the company and the employees.

Healthy Employees

As the adage goes “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” so we should abide by it. Germs thrive in the environment and with many different people using the same facility and in close contact with each other can easily lead to health issues. Therefore, sanitizing the area regularly is essential, if you care about your employees’ health. Remember, a dust-free and cleaner environment in the workplace would enhance the productivity of the workforce.

Enhanced Morale

By hiring professional Hospitality Services, you boost the morale of the workforce. How? The services rendered by these professionals allow your employees to efficiently complete their designated job, without the hassle of cleaning their workstations, routinely. This propagates a positive attitude among the workforce, and each employee completes the job with utmost dedication.

Making an Impression

A sparkling clean office or commercial property always makes a positive impression on your customers. Thus, hiring the superior Corporate Office Cleaning Services becomes more important. These professionals go beyond the norms of cleaning, leaving your office spotlessly bright and welcoming for your customers and visitors.

Cost-effective Services

The Corporate Office Cleaning Services from a premium provider is not burdensome on your office maintenance expenses. What’s more, the team works with dedication to render the quality they have promised to you.

Some of the important tasks carried out by the Housekeeping Services include;


Daily janitorial routine involves:

  • Cleaning the workstations and the reception area
  • Emptying wastebaskets and washing them, if required
  • Sweeping and moping hardwood flooring with disinfectant
  • Vacuuming carpeted flooring
  • Dusting the surfaces and using disinfectant to reduce the chances of bacteria related sickness
  • Wiping the smudges and fingerprints on light switches and door handles
  • Polishing brass or metal work on the cabinets or doors to maintain the chicness
  • Cleaning and polishing mirrors in the bathrooms
  • Stocking toilet with handtowels, tissues, hand sanitizer, and soap
  • Cleaning urinals and toilets and disinfecting them
  • Moping and disinfecting the kitchen and bathroom flooring

Weekly cleaning job involves:

  • Cleaning all windows
  • Buffing hard floors to maintain their shine

Monthly cleaning services involve:

  • Vacuuming chairs and vents

Need these services? Call 08130-514-514, 0120 – 2422725 Corporate Office and Home Cleaning Services specialist now to receive superior janitorial services for an affordable price tag.

Professional Housekeeping Services Delhi-NCR

With a booming private sector and the branding of the Delhi-NCR region as the new industrial hub with multinational companies setting up offices, along with the Indian entrepreneurs coming into existence, one of the necessities to establish and maintain an image in the market is a comfortable work environment. How to create such an environment, which is pleasing to the employees as well as the customers, is a million dollar question. The answer, though, is quite simple. Professional housekeeping services, another developing arena of the process of modernisation and development of an economy is becoming a vital aspect of attaining a healthy workplace environment.


Judging a book by its cover is a common practice today, the book cover of a commercial enterprise is its look, a clean and tidy surrounding, a pleasant entrance and marvellous interiors. Converting an empty space into something desirable is not the issue but maintaining it is. The carpeting you had put on the floors is bound to get dirtier with time. The upholstery or the marble floor in a full packed office can be a little hard to clean. In order to save your time and enhance the look of the office, housekeeping services are the new boon. Be it carpet cleaning or marble floor cleaning or upholstery cleaning, anything you name it and the work will be done.

With the increase in competition every single day, you should not let your mind and thoughts be disturbed by the issue of cleaning the office. This is not something you should worry about. In fact, you should let the professionals deal with it. It is not just about the office of an MNC, but schools, colleges, malls etc are in fact in greater need of such a service. There is already so much to deal with in the aforementioned places, like academics or sales, that something as small but at the same time as important as a cleaning service is like a God’s own hand, descended in order to help you.

Now with the increase in the options among the varied services, budget is also not a problem anymore. Affordable cleaning services are a reality. Be it a start up or any established business, an option is always there for you. When you invest so much in the work you are doing, whether financial or emotional investment, a little more invested could only help with your work, is never a luxury but a necessity in the commercial sector.

So, a professional housekeeping service is no longer restricted, as the name is stereo typically associated with the hospitality industry or the hospitals, but it is becoming a necessary professional outlook in the public as well as the private sector. When everybody is going and taking that extra step to remain in the completion and leave the competitors behind, then why shouldn’t you. Call us@ 8130514514, 0120-4558484

Professional Cleaning Services

In life, whether at home or business, the one thing that needs to be given importance is, cleaning services. The busy lifestyle of today’s society gives its inhabitants a little less time to live up to the societal standards of a clean and tidy home or workplace. This necessity of human civilization is fulfilled nowadays by the professional cleaning services.

Home Cleaning Services
Home Cleaning Services

The varied options, is the highlight and attraction of the cleaning service sector. The consumer can opt for their desired service, be it bathroom cleaning services, kitchen cleaning services, carpet cleaning services, toilet cleaning services, marble floor cleaning services or upholstery cleaning services. One or many, home or industry is never a problem, as you get everything at one place.

The busy city life forces the well educated employee who might have to travel long hours to opt for the professional help in order to reach a clean and comfortable home. The working condition is such that in order to balance work and home perfectly, you need help with at least one part of your life, then why not with one of the most boring and time consuming chore.

Housekeeping with the help of a regular maid might be an alternative but the professionalism and that extra tinge of hygiene will always be missing. Paying a little extra would also give you that extra bit of satisfaction which you may not get with an unskilled and non-professional individual. You will always feel as if there is something missing or something more could have been done, and that ‘something’ can only be provided by someone who knows what they are supposed to do and what they are doing.

The interesting thing is that a service sector which was earlier considered to be elite-driven is now welcoming the middle or upper middle class. A region like Delhi-NCR is a good example to show the existence of such a reality. The reason behind this could be that now the consumer can decide what and when is the need of such a professional help. The service can be availed at weekly/monthly/quarterly basis or at any particular special day.

Anyone who is a perfectionist or is looking for that last puzzle piece in order to be a perfectionist is definitely on the right path when he or she employs the services of a professional cleaning company. When you decide on taking such a service you are not just letting your home or workplace getting cleaned by a stranger, you develop a bond of trust, trust that is constructed at the behest of the service provider, coupled with the professionalism of the service provider. This combination is something that you might not find in this capitalist world, but when you do, you should not let it go. Call us @ 8130514514, 0120-4558484

Commercial Cleaning and Housekeeping Services

Everybody knows the importance of a clean and hygienic environment, be it your home or office. And, everybody even tries to maintain his or her surroundings clean and spotless but still there are some areas that get ignored. There are places that need professional deep cleaning and this is not what a normal individual can do with his or her daily affairs. However, now there are cleaning service providers in Delhi and NCR that offer professional cleaning services at reasonable rates.

There are corporate, especially in Delhi and NCR, who book such professional cleaning service providers on contractual basis. Leading facility management companies offer eco-friendly office cleaning solutions and charge based on square footage, frequency of cleaning and cost per square foot per month. Such low cost services allow you to save on your valuable time.

Housekeeping Services
Housekeeping Services in Delhi

A clean office certainly means more productivity. Commercial cleaning service companies offer janitorial services that include trash pickup, floor mopping, vacuuming, carpet cleaning, interior window washing, and bathroom maintenance. Nowadays, most of the offices in Delhi and NCR work 24*7 and therefore facility management companies offer flexible scheduling options as per clients’ needs.

 Toilets Foam Cleaning (more…)

Professional Cleaning Company For Home

Home cleaning calls for best services, and only a professional cleaning does the job well. There are numerous Home Cleaning Services available in the city and selecting the best service provider becomes a daunting task. You can hire a professional based on their work experience, the equipments they use, and their fee. To select the best vendor from a bevy in your city, this article shares a few parameters to measure. Read on to find out what they are.

Home Deep Cleaning - The Maids.In

Experience and Variety (more…)

Housekeeping Services by Expert in Delhi NCR

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, therefore keeping homes and office spaces sparkling clean is important. Commercial Cleaning in Delhi service offers professional workforce and modern equipments to execute all housekeeping services.

Hire an Expert

For that spotless nook and cranny of your office, you need professional housekeeping services. Today, commercial cleaning has reached new pinnacle of success with latest advancement in technology and cleaning processes.

Housekeeping Services