Choose Housekeeping or Commercial Cleaning Services for Additional Benefits

Do you struggle to maintain a neat and clean office? You need to contact the Manmachine Solution experts. They are popular for their fine-quality housekeeping services, and for excellent commercial cleaning services. I have used their home cleaning services for years. Now, I also use their assistance to keep my office clean. My employees now work happily in a spick-and-span office. The professionals of Manmachine have also improved the health of my employees.

Clean Ceiling :

I have a false ceiling in my office, which is tough to clean. You cannot use vacuum cleaners on this ceiling and only manual mopping can do the job. The expert cleaners of Manmachine made me aware of these facts. They cleaned the false ceilings with Manmachine’s proprietary cleaning solutions and microfiber cloths.

Air-Duct Cleaning :

My office has a central air-conditioning system installed. It is troublesome to clean the air-ducts of this AC system. The harmful microorganisms may grow inside the dirty air-ducts and may spread disease. The professionals of Manmachine understand the necessity of clean air ducts. They used a specialized robotic machine to clean the cobwebs, dirt, and dust off the air-ducts. The air inside my commercial building has become cleaner and healthier.

Floor Cleaning :

In my office, the Conference Room and Executive Chambers have marbled floorings. The rest of the building had terrazzo flooring. The terrazzo floorings also have marble chips present. The cleaning experts checked the floorings and planned their cleaning process accordingly. They avoided chemical-based cleaning solutions on marbled or terrazzo floorings. They used advanced machines to polish the stones with diamond abrasives. This innovative cleaning method removed all stains and let the marbles glow with their original brightness. The terrazzo floors also received intense polishing and lost all stained spots.

Carpet Cleaning :

I have carpet in my personal chamber. Its fabric attracts dirt particles and gets easily stained. The cleaning experts used the skimming method to loosen the dirt and grimes off the surface. They used Bonnet Mopping to wash the loosened particles off the surface after skimming. These innovative methods turned my carpet spotless with a shiny appearance.

Washrooms Cleaning :

I prefer deep cleaning for my washrooms. The sanitized washrooms keep my personnel healthy and increase their productivity. Hence, I chose steam cleaning for washrooms in my office. The professionals of Manmachine used a handheld steam-generator to clean the grimy spots off the tiles. They also used the machine to clean the toilet bowls. The steam-jets quickened the cleaning process. Its sterilizing properties have lent a healthy atmosphere.

Pantry Service :

You are guaranteed to enjoy this facility through no other cleaning agency. These unique features have allowed Manmachine Solutions to stand apart from other commercial cleaning services. I have asked for the assistance of its Pantry Management Team during any party. The skilled workforce of this team has kept my guests and clients satisfied with servings of delectable foods. Their genteel demeanors have also made my guests happy. I owe the finalization of many business deals to the fresh delicacies these experts served.

Let Your Floors Sparkle through Professional Tile Cleaning Services

The floors in your commercial premise witness a heavy footfall? Have the floors in your house lost luster due to improper cleaning? These two scenarios present two different types of problems. One single establishment will help you slay these two problems – the exclusive floor cleaning services of Manmachine. Their tile cleaning services will add shine to any flooring with the use of appropriate machines. They use gentle eco-friendly cleaning solutions. These solutions are used in their floor polishing and marble cleaning services. Your precious stones will remain unharmed with the application of this solution.

Customized Cleaning Solution

Different floorings have different compositions and they require different cleaning techniques. The experts of Manmachine understand and abide by this fact. They will tailor-cut their cleaning methods as per the floorings in your residential or commercial premises.

Ceramic & Porcelain

You may have used the latest wood-finished ceramic or porcelain tiles in your rooms. These tiles usually need low maintenance. The grout present in-between easily attracts dirt particles. It is a laborious task to clean these fillings properly. The experts of Manmachine will perform this laborious task effortlessly. They use high-quality floor polishing machines. These machines can draw the toughest dirt particles out of narrowest spaces.


The solidification of magma gives birth to granite stones. These floorings are extremely porous. Improper cleaning will stain these floorings easily. You will need professional help to remove this stained surface. The expert cleaners of this organization will use a special tool to skim the top layer off the stones. This process will remove the grimy surface. They will polish the granites after cleaning. Your flooring will start shining like new stones.


Onyx is the choice of individuals with exquisite tastes. These are delicate stones and need exclusive care. You cannot use harsh cleaning agents on them. The floor buffing and polishing machines will damage them. The experts of this organization are aware of its demanding nature. They will use proprietary microfiber cloths and pH neutral solutions to clean onyx. The manual cleaning may consume time. It is the only way to clean these stones, properly.


This stone is the choice of royals. Its regal appearance demands majestic care. You will avail of this care only through Manmachine. The acidic or alkaline cleaning solutions will damage these stones. The professionals of this establishment know this fact. They will only perform chemical-free polishing of your marbled floors. Specialized machines will help them in this task. If you let them buff the stones regularly, your marbled floors will start shining.

Pebbled Corners

Do you have snazzy pebbled-corners in your commercial building or in your drawing room? This stylish formation will need your special attention. The acidic compounds of common floor cleaners will etch the stones. These pebbles can only be cleaned with pH neutral agents or pressurized jets of steam. The cleaning experts of this organization are capable of applying both techniques. You need to select the suitable one as per your preference.

The floor cleaning services of Manmachine Solutions are a small part of their commercial cleaning. They can keep your terrace and gardens clean with equal efficiency. They will use Aerial Work Platforms to clean the façade of your building. The professionals of this organization will also cater to your palatal needs through their pantry services.

Maintain a Spotless Premise with Housekeeping and Corporate Cleaning Services

Do you want professional housekeeping services for your commercial set-up? You need to contact the experts of Manmachine Solution. The vision of this organization is to set exemplary records in the world of cleaning. Their commercial cleaning services encompass a variety of sectors. They understand that cleaning necessities change frequently in commercial environments. You will find their corporate cleaning services to be flexible and customizable. The expert cleaners of Manmachine will not only help you maintain a sanitized environment. If you demand, they will also prepare delectable platters for your guests.

Convenient Planning

The professionals of this organization understand the value of time. They will set their schedule and services as per your demands. You will be free to invest your time and energy in necessary matters.

Cleaning & Polishing

The floors of your commercial building will need primary attention. They endure grimy footfalls all day long. The trained professionals of Manmachine will use cleaning and polishing machines to keep the floors spotless. The use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions will maintain a healthful premise.

Ceiling & Façade

Most cleaning professionals keep their attention focused on dirty floors. The cleaning experts of Manmachine have a different view. They will clean all the areas including the ceiling. Their meticulous cleaning methods will save you from witnessing the swaying of cobwebs.

These cleaning experts will not limit their services to the inside premise. They will use Aerial Work Platforms to clean the outside of the building and windows. The height is no object to these cleaning experts with these advanced work-platforms.


If you want your employees to stay productive, you need to maintain a sanitized environment. The washrooms are birthplaces of a variety of germs. The experts of Manmachine use pressurized jets of steam to eradicate the ailing microbes from your restrooms. They will also spray the furniture and upholsteries with a sanitizing formula. This special liquid will disinfect your rooms.

Fabric Cleaning

Are you afraid of spreading carpets on the floor and using designer seating arrangements? You may fear that fabrics of expensive upholsteries and carpet will quickly soil in a commercial environment. The experts of this organization will liberate you from this unfounded fear.

Shampoo Cleaning

The shampoo-based upholstery cleaners are perfect for the removal of grimes and stains. These machines will help you maintain the spotless shine of any fabric under the guidance of experts. The use of specialized driers will prevent dampening.

Quick Bonneting

Your demand is the command of these professionals. If you need quick cleaning, you may choose the bonnet buffing. This versatile technique will polish your carpets in a short time. These experts will even use a special machine to remove the loose particles after bonneting.

Vacuum Cleaning

The powerful vacuum cleaners will also help you thoroughly clean your carpets through extraction cleaning. Though improper dragging may damage your precious belonging. You will need the experts of this organization to keep these rugs spotless without any tear.

The professional housekeeping services availed through Manmachine will not only turn your premise squeaky-clean. It will also let you maintain a spotless image in front of your guests and employees.

Walk on Spotless Surfaces with Marble Cleaning Services

The simple definition of marble is a metamorphic rock. This simple explanation does not define the beauty of this natural stone. It is available in a variety of colors and with different types of vein marks. The Breccia marbles have darker shades. The Carrara marble is popular for its pristine colors. The Calcutta marble has dramatic shades on the base color of white. The visibly porous Limestone is usually available in tan or beige color. These expensive and sensitive floorings demand delicate marble cleaning services.

Only a trained professional is capable of cleaning and polishing the marble, perfectly.  By hiring the floor cleaning services experts, you can easily maintain the look and feel of your marble.

Professional Cleaning & Polishing Methods

The marble tiles offer elegant appearance to the place where they are used. These tiles are popular for durability. These tiles will grace your home or office with their unique appearance, if cared properly. The cleaning agency experts provide the necessary caring touch to your marble. They use two different types of cleaning methods.

Diamond Abrasives

The most common polishing materials used on marbled floorings. The grits of industrial -grade diamonds are used in this technique. These diamonds are usually set within pads or discs of three to four-inch diameters. The floor machines used for polishing are fitted with a drive-plate. The diamond-containing discs are attached to this plate. Low rotational speed is maintained during the polishing of diamonds. The polishing continues with finer grits of diamonds until the marbles start sparkling.

This polishing technique will not only let the professionals remove tough stains from the surface of the marbles. It will also remove the scratch marks without any damage to the stones. Its lasting gloss will save the floors from requiring polishing for a long time.

Crystal Clearing

The crystallization is a less effective technique than diamond grinding. It will still make your marble floors shine with a clean sparkle. The professionals will spray a chemical known as fluorosilicate onto the stone. They will buff this chemical with steel wool-pads. This buffing will create glass-like crystals onto the surface. The heavy drive-plate of a floor-machine is used to polish the crystals at low rotational speeds.

This polishing technique is capable of removing fine and heavy scratches from the surface. The gloss of this technique will last for a long time with frequent periodic stripping.

The contraptions used in the techniques mandate professional expertise. The trained professionals of this agency are not only capable of maneuvering these machines. They are also capable of providing thorough upholstery cleaning services with ESTRO-125 and ESTRO-250.

The upholstery cleaning machines create dense and dry foam through mechanical aeration of liquid detergent. Only natural and PH-neutral detergents are used for cleaning. An armchair nozzle is used to spread and agitate the foam evenly on the surface of your upholsteries. The foam dislodges and dissolves the dust particles. The armchair nozzle is used to extract the suspended particles and foam from the surface.

If dust and grimes are staining your marbled floors or carpets, avail assistance of this pioneering cleaning agency for effective solutions.

Maintain Spotless Office Space with Tile Cleaning and Corporate Cleaning Services

It is your primary duty as an employer to present your employees with a healthy work atmosphere. A thoroughly clean office will not only result in a happier workforce. You will also be safeguarding the health of your employees with a sanitized surrounding. A healthy workforce will undoubtedly increase the overall productivity of your organization.

The corporate cleaning services of Manmachine enable you to enjoy a sanitized atmosphere. These professionals not only pay close attentions to detailed cleaning. They also pay close attention to the cleaning agents being used on the floors. Their diligence will prevent the floors in your office from experiencing any damage during cleaning. Their steam-based toilet cleaning services will not only turn your washrooms stain-free. These services will also eradicate the germs from every corner of your washroom.

Problems with Chemical Cleaning

The presence of harsh chemicals in the cleaning agents may welcome numerous health problems into your office. An employee may have asthmatic or allergic symptoms. The harsh chemicals may aggravate these symptoms through airway irritation. The chemical-based toilet cleaners may also cause skin irritation in contact. The professional cleaners of this agency only use steam-generating cleaning devices for washrooms.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

The steam-generating devices use nothing but water and heat to generate steam. A powerful motor then drives the jets of steam toward the floors and walls at high velocity. The heat weakens the physical bond present between the staining materials and surface. The loosened grimes, dusts or staining particles can easily be wiped or washed off. These machines can de-stain the toilet-bowls and washbasins as efficiently as the floors and walls.

The high-pressured jets of steam will not only make your washrooms sparkle. The germ-killing nature of steam will also sanitize your washrooms. No bacteria, virus or mold will be able to touch you or your personnel after efficient steam cleaning.

The benefits of steam cleaning can be enjoyed in all the corners of your office. The professionals of this agency can sanitize every room with high-quality steam-mopping devices. These devices are applicable on any flooring but the hardwood floorings.

The tile cleaning is another specialized service you will avail through this agency. The professionals of this agency never apply any cleaning agent or device without assessing type of the flooring. Their thorough assessment will increase the longevity and shines of the tiles.

Automated Polishing

If you are not into steam mopping, you may avail the service of the automated polishing machines this establishment uses. These machines can be used to safely clean and polish any type of flooring. Even the hardwood floors can withstand the polishing technique of these machines.

The rotary brushes attached to the bottom are capable of dislodging dirt or dust particle from flat surfaces at variable circular motions. The large and round scrubbing pads will add sheen to your floors in no time after perfectly removing the smudges.

The professionals providing tile cleaning services will also help you maintain the cleanliness of the floors for an extended period of time. The application of floor-sealants is known to improve the longevity of the tiles. The application of floor-waxes will add a glossy finish to the surface. You may avail these additional services from the trained experts of this agency upon your request.

Make Your Office Shine through Marble Cleaning Services & Carpet Cleaning Services

The marbles are nothing but metamorphic rocks made of calcite or dolomite. The beauty of this rock separates it from other flooring tiles. The marbled tiles are more porous than granite, travertine, slate or limestone tiles. The application of an improper cleaning agent may cause significant damage to these natural stones. The expertise of a professional is necessary for the cleaning and polishing of these stones.

The floor cleaning services, availed through this website, will let the marbles in your premise shine impeccably. The professionals of this organization will not only perform simple cleaning of the marbles. They will safeguard these natural stones against further damage or staining through the application waxes and sealants. These premium-quality marble cleaning services will let you enhance the appearance and longevity of your flooring.

Understanding Stains and Etch Marks

The marbles are porous stones. The stains or etch marks may appear on the surfaces of these natural stones faster than the others.

If a colouring substance gets absorbed through the pores of the marble and moves deeper, it will cause staining of these stones. The staining will change the colour of the marble. It will never change the surface finish of it.

The etch marks are more damaging than the stains. An acidic or alkaline product may form etch marks on the surfaces of the marbles. These substances will corrode the surface of the marble and will cause physical damages to it. The etch marks are often lighter than the staining marks, though, are more damaging.

The professionals of this agency know the difference between the etch marks and staining. This knowledge will let them take proper care of your marble flooring without causing any damage to it.

Stain Removal and Sealing

The staining is a common occurrence in an office building. Numerous individuals trample the floors of your commercial structure on a regular basis. The grimes may easily stain the marble cleaning in the absence of a floor sealant. The colouring substances, such as coffee, tea or chocolaty products, may also stain your floors. The stains are easier to remove than the etch marks.

The professionals of this agency may use diamond abrasives to remove the stains off the marbles. The discs of diamond abrasives are usually attached to the bottom of the floor machines and polishing is performed at a moderate speed.

The diamond abrasives are not only capable of removing stains from the marble flooring. These abrading products can also remove scratches and etch marks efficiently.

It is necessary to coat your marbles with suitable floor sealing agents. The application of suitable floor sealants will save the marbles from staining easily in future.

You may have a carpet or a floor-rug in your personal chamber. A single drop of coffee, tea or wine may stain fabrics of these materials permanently. These stains are hard to remove even with the application of vinegar and bicarbonate soda. The professionals of this agency may make these marks disappear within a few minutes time with the use of an upholstery-cleaner.

The floor cleaning and carpet cleaning services of this organization will help you maintain a pristine image in front of your clients and your employees.

Let Your Office Shine Spotlessly with Commercial and Corporate Cleaning Services

The days of a businessperson are filled with important commercial activities. If you are a businessperson, you will be needed to arrange or attend meetings on a regular basis. It will be impossible for you to clean the bathrooms, wipe the desks and mop the floors at the end of the office-hours. You may think of hiring an independent cleaner for these duties. His/her performance may not generate a satisfactory result. He/she may end up damaging the floorings with improper or inadequate knowledge about the cleaning agents. He/she may not agree to come at your convenience.

The cleaning tasks being performed during office hours may disturb the performances of your employees. The corporate cleaning services, availed through this organization, will save you from worrying about the cleanliness of your office. You will be saved from coordinating the necessary janitorial operations. You will be liberated from worrying about the purchase of the necessary cleaning products. The professionals associated with the commercial cleaning services will take care of these aforementioned tasks. You may use this time to focus on the improvement of your business.

This cleaning agency has been regarded as the most prominent housekeeping service provider of this country. The specialities that forwarded this organization towards excellence are as mentioned below.

Fast Response

This establishment treats every customer with equal importance. The cleaning personnel associated with agency understand the meaning of deadline. They will never arrive at your doorstep later than your selected time. They will never miss an appointment. These professionals will be available at your service as early as possible.

Miscellaneous Packages

You may only require the basic cleaning of your office building. You may not require the floors to be polished or the upholsteries to be cleaned. This cleaning agency gives you the opportunity to choose the services as per your necessities.

The basic cleaning will include steam mopping of the floors and sterilization of the rooms.

The premium home cleaning will include stripping, waxing and polishing of the floors, reconditioning of leather upholsteries, dry-cleaning of fabrics along with basic cleaning.

The trained professionals associated with this agency are capable of performing a variety of specialized tasks related to commercial housekeeping. They may make your office dazzle with premium-quality home cleaning or may perform a basic cleaning. You may choose the tasks as per your necessities and budget.

Guaranteed Safety

Your office may have numerous valuable documents, electrical equipments and electronic gadgets. You may also have sensitive data stored inside the computers of your employees and yours. Some of these elements are extremely valuable and some are invaluable. You will not want any of these items to get stolen during cleaning.

It will be hard for you to verify the credentials of an independent cleaning service provider. You have to depend upon the performance of the local law-enforcement officers. This will be a time-consuming process.

This organization never appoints any employee without proper evaluation of the personal and professional credentials. You will never be in fear of safety in the presence of these certified professionals.

The aforementioned features have turned this establishment into the most trustworthy and accomplished doorstep office cleaning organization of this country.

Enjoy a Healthy Life through Premium Home Cleaning and Housekeeping Services

The cleanliness of your house will not only present you as an attentive housekeeper. It will also improve your lifestyle. The presence of moulds, pests, insects and rodents also decreases in clean surroundings. A sanitized ambiance will ensure the well being of you and your family members. Your clean rooms will also liberate you from the clutches of allergic symptoms. The aforementioned benefits are easy to read, but are hard to maintain with a busy schedule. Your professional necessities may prevent you from cleaning your house regularly. This organization will make your rooms, terrace, entrance and exit areas smile with premium cleaning services.

premium cleaning services

The professionals of this organization do not just dust the furniture, mop the floors and clean the washrooms. They will turn your stained floors, carpets and furniture spotless. They will steam mop the floors and steam clean the washrooms. They will make your kitchen sparkle with non-sticky floors and walls. Their home cleaning services will present you with a germ-free, dust-free and dirt-free ambiance.

Convenient Assistance

The globalization has brought significant changes to the types of available professions. You may be involved in a vocational sector that needs you to perform your duties at night. In this scenario, you will need the assistance of a cleaning services provided either in the morning or in the afternoon. Time is no object for the professionals of this organization. They will always be at your service as per your requirements.

This establishment will provide you with different types of cleaning packages. These packages may include different types of services. You will always be provided with premium-quality cleaning irrespective of the type of your package. These packages will let you choose the services as per your necessities and budget.

Safe Cleaning

It is hard for a layman to select a floor-cleaning agent that is non-damaging to the floorings. The cleaning chemicals of your choice may be suitable for ceramic tiles, but not for granites or marble floorings. If you are unaware of these facts, you will end up damaging the floorings during cleaning.

The expert cleaners associated with this agency are aware of this fact and will always use suitable chemicals onto the floors of your rooms. They understand the brittleness of granites or the sensitive nature of marbles. They will not only make your floorings shine spotlessly. They will customize the cleaning procedure as per the type of the floorings.


Immaculate Upholsteries and Rugs

Your upholsteries, carpets, curtains and rugs may also exhibit sensitivity towards various chemical cleaning agents. You may try removing tough stains with the use of a strong chemical cleaning agent and may end up damaging the fabric instead. The experienced personnel of this agency will use an automatic upholstery cleaning machine to gently clean all the fabrics.

These machines are capable of removing any tough stain off the surface of the fabrics efficiently. It will not just be your floorings that will shine immaculately. Your curtains, carpets, upholsteries and rugs will also shine with restored brightness.

The assistance of professional housekeeping services will liberate you from the tedious and laborious tasks of house cleaning at the end of the week. Your weekends will no longer be filled with exhaustive chores. You may keep this time reserved for your recreational activities.

Let Floor Cleaning Services and Carpet Cleaning Services Make Your Rooms Dazzle

As a homeowner, I have experienced troubles at the time of cleaning the marbled floors of my rooms. The kids have the tendency of spilling colored ice-creams or syrups on the floors at the time of eating. The adults have the tendency of spilling coffee or tea.

These items can quickly stain the marbles because these are extremely porous materials. I used to apply home-based cleaning materials to remove those stains. I am a professional woman and it was a time-consuming task for me. In a time like this, I got to know about the marble cleaning services of Manmachine Solutions.

floor cleaning

The expert cleaners associated with this agency seemed like the blessings of the God. They were aware of the necessary facts related to the cleaning of the marbled products.

  • A scrubbing pad or rough fabric may wipe the stain off your marbled floors easily. It will definitely damage the flooring in the process.
  • The marble is a natural stone. It is highly porous. Any acidic or alkaline compound will damage the composition of this stone.
  • The grimes or dirt get easily deposited inside the joining crevices of the marbles. It is extremely hard to clean those crevices.
  • The conventional floor-cleaning products, such as ceramic tile cleaners, may lessen the brightness of the marbles.

The experts of floor cleaning services used only the marble-safe cleaning and polishing agents for my floors. It enhanced the shine and maintained the quality of the stones.

  • The Three-Phase Induction Motor Cleaner wiped off all the stains present on the marbles. It even spotlessly cleaned the crevices.
  • It is hard to clean the corners of the rooms. The expert cleaners manually polished the corners with micro-fibered cloths.
  • The automated floor polishers added sparkles to the grimy marbles with the use of marble-safe polishing agents.

The aforementioned tasks were performed within a short span of time and without any hassle. The cleaning-experts paid extra attention to the polishing of the upholsteries and carpets.

The stains present on the fabrics were hard for me to remove even with the strong home cleaning agents. I was also afraid of damaging he fabrics.

  • The carpet cleaning services first used ARES 37/1 vacuum cleaner to suction all the dust particles off the carpets and floor-mats present in my room. These cleaner was able to clean the dirt, but not the stains.
  • The ESTRO-250 foam-generating upholstery cleaner was used to remove the stains present on the carpets. It was fitted with a double-stage motor and had a detergent tank of 20 liters.

Carpet cleaning

This upholstery cleaner covered the stained area with the lather.

This lather dissolved the particles present in the stain.

The upholstery cleaner was used to vacuum the lather upon drying off.

This whole process left my carpets and floor-mats free of any stain without making it wet.

  • The ESTRO-250 was also used to clean my upholsteries and curtains. It restored the luster back to the fabrics.

The professional cleaners of Manmachine Solutions made my floors sparkle. My upholsteries also looked spotlessly clean. I have rested all the cleaning duties upon the expert shoulders of this agency. If you are in need of a thoroughly cleaned house, do not forget to contact this leading home cleaning organization.

Welcome Godliness through Efficient Corporate Cleaning Services

The cleanliness of your commercial property will positively influence the performances of your personnel. A germ-free spick-and-span environment will maintain the well being of the staff. The neatness of your office will also present you as a professional in front of your clients. It is impossible for a business-owner to look after the cleanliness of the office building. The workforce of yours will also be busy handling several important tasks. You will need a specialist in corporate cleaning services to look after the neatness and cleanliness of your commercial structure.


The Manmachine Solutions can turn out to be that specialist with 26 years of experience in this industry.

  • This organization has brought forth a revolution in the Indian sector of commercial cleaning.
  • It has satisfied the giants of Indian commercial sector with its flawless performance and professional attitude.
  • The peerless performance of this organization has crowned it as the best in the world of commercial cleaning services.

The facilities you will be able to enjoy through this organization are as mentioned below.

The Technologically Advance Machineries

The cleaning experts of Manmachine Solutions never use any equipment that may cause damage to the flooring, furniture, fittings, or walls of your rooms.

  • The professional cleaning agents use EXCEL M–77/2 vacuum cleaner for small-to-medium sized office spaces.

It has two double-stage motors that can create up to 2600 watts of electrical power.

This immense force helps this vacuum-cleaner engulf even the smallest dust particles present in your room.

This machine is also capable of removing cobwebs from all the corners of your rooms.

The steam-cleaning apparatus attached to this machine is also capable of cleaning the marbled or tiled floors effectively. The simple vacuum cleaning will suffice for the wooden flooring.

  • The Three-Phase Induction Motor is ideal for large workspaces.

The three-phase turbine attached to this machine is capable of generating 3.0 kilowatt of power.

It is capable of performing all the aforementioned tasks, though, swifter and better than the cleaner mentioned above.

Appropriate Cleaning Agents

This organization only uses the cleaning materials that have passed the strict guidelines of safety nationally and internationally. These materials are double-checked at the time of polishing and cleaning in order to ensure the suitability of the products.

  • The marbled floors are extremely sensitive to acid.
  • The granite floors are also highly porous.
  • The polishing agents suitable for tiled floors may not be suitable for marbled or granite flooring.

The experts of this agency are always attentive to the chemical composition of the polishing agents.

This detailing will help you enjoy the presence of a shiny floor without any damage.

Customized Planning of Trained Professionals

This organization will never appoint an amateur to perform the cleaning of your building. It manages an in-house training program that will turn an amateur cleaner into an expert cleaning-professional.

  • These certified cleaners are capable of drawing a cleaning-plan based on your requirements.
  • A customized planning will save you from losing your precious working hours.
  • It will also save you from bearing unnecessary expenses.

The professionals of doorstep office cleaning associated with Manmachine Solutions will always be available to you at your convenient hours. They are well-equipped and ready to face the challenges presented by the dusty or grimy office-space of yours.