Some Facts You Should Know About Robotic Duct Cleaning

Ventilation systems have always been a challenge for the cleaners. Those are installed in the building with an intention to have a good circulation in the rooms. The system is so designed that the amount of air extracted is proportional to the force of the circulation. This gets altered when there is dust getting accumulated in the ducts.

Cause of Contamination

Fresh air needs to enter the ventilated rooms. The bacteria and fungus which is carried by the stuck air is trapped in the ducts that cause accumulation hence blockages. This keeps on growing with time. Hence the Floor Cleaning Service providers also have robotic ducts cleaners which can come to your rescue.

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Why Robotic?

Robotic itself means automatic. With least mechanical efforts Robotic duct cleaners work faster. This faster technique gets evident with more users signing up.

Types of ducts

Residential ventilators are really easy to have cleaned.  But the office and workshop ducts,  even the industrial ones need to have a certain level of accuracy in the suction. This precision is very much seen in the Robotic duct cleaners.

They know how much of pressure and flow of air is to be sacked in or exerted in order to get a complete cleaned comfort.

Regularity is compulsory

The dirt in the ventilation not only is harmful to us but even hampers the process of fire safety. How? This dirt is stuck in all the wrong places which gives more rapid fire spread.

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Phases you should know

A cleaner’s job is not easy even if he/she uses a Robotic duct cleaner. There are stringent steps which are followed even before starting the work at your place. Like:

  • Meeting face to face

This ensures business. The talk or a small discussion helps the service providers know your extent of budget as well as the level of cleaning demanded by you. This is when the cleaners also fix a date for inspection.

  • During the inspection

This phase serves as a turn to the client as this ticks out all the problems which exist in the cleaning system of the house or firm concerned. Also later the vehicle or the robot also undergoes inspection. The size of the duct is studied and noted also there are distant parts of the robot which needs to have extra care to be taken.

  • Budget proposal

A quotation is set after series of such visits. According to the size and number of the ducts, the cleaning procedure and time is finalized and an estimate is given to the clients.

  • Cleaning in progress

After getting all inspected, the best of the system is reflected during the process of working. After duct cleaning, the Robotic cleaner also help in disinfecting the places.

  • The closure and follow ups

Once a customer is always a customer. The job done by a Robotic cleaner is actually seen and examined by the real expert and then the ratings are provided. There are follow ups and constant reviewing. The service providers may talk about getting marble cleaning services as well which can be combined with duct cleaning.

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